Is lead generation the only parameter for inbound success?

inbound lead generation success

When would you say inbound marketing has worked?

What would the parameters be to answer that? Would it be inbound lead generation, traffic or something else? Let us try to find out.

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The Right Inbound Marketing Agency

right inbound marketing agency

Have you found the right inbound marketing agency for your business?

In this post, I answer this question as a Founder / Owner of one. I highlight three reasons very different from a typical agency assessment process. And these go beyond your usual reasons – credentials, reference check, budget, quality of team and others.

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Will AI save marketing and marketers?

I am old. But when it comes to marketing, I am fairly young.

Some of my senior industry colleagues tell me that marketing used to be ‘simple’. I sense they were talking ‘last century marketing’. I envy them. For I never did any of that ‘last century marketing’. My marketing troubles are very recent. 2011 onwards, to be precise.

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How UI & UX Affects Your Application Or Website User

UI and UX are essential particulars in boosting the website content. It is an integral part of creating the first impression on the user and by efforts making a customer out of the user. It builds the connection with the customers and intends to deliver information regarding your business services to the user.

“To design is much more than simply to collect, to order, or even to edit; it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse.” – Paul Rand

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5 Design Skills To Survive The AI Domination

We can’t deny the fact that AI is changing the world and it is affecting the creative fields as well.The first impact of AI will be that more and more non-designers develop their creativity and social intelligence skills to bolster their employability.

What exactly will designers do when AI becomes creative?

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Interactive Content: Why Content Marketers Should Start Using It


Interactive content - Header GIF

The future belongs to interactive content – you can either see it as a prediction or a statement.

But that doesn’t change the truth.

Interactive content is growing. It holds staggering possibilities. And you can see it coming.

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Troubleshooting HubSpot COS Development

As a web developer, it is my job to create a lot of webpages and this is generally an easy enough job for someone with coding skills. But often there are some hurdles faced and some that I recently faced while creating a site page on Hubspot were:
1. Banner image sizes were not appropriate for mobiles and tablets
2. Text on the site was blurred
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5 Crucial Elements a Great SaaS Homepage Needs


Your homepage is one of the most visited pages and certainly the most crucial element of a website for a SaaS company. It cannot be emphasized enough that if your website and your homepage are not compelling enough, your customers won’t go deeper to find the benefits of your product.

Keep in mind your end goal for creating this homepage is to:

  • Clearly explain your visitors who you are and what you can offer for them
  • Make it easier for them to reach the next stage of your conversion funnel

Here are the elements that you should focus on to create or redesign your SaaS homepage.

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Why Inbound Marketing for Management Consulting Companies?

Isn’t joining a new job one of the most overwhelming feelings in the world? 

Seeing as this is my first and a new job to boot it certainly is even more. Inorder to complete my Hubspot practicum I was told to come up with a topic. Management Consultancies has been a topic that is quite interesting to me and hence this is my first ever blog for InboundMantra. 

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Higher Education Marketing Strategies: 5 Effective Tips


When I joined Inbound Mantra, I was given a project on Higher Education industry wherein I had to do intensive research on the opportunities, challenges, growth and scope of that sector.

I did my research, wrote blogs, created an ebook – How to Attract Quality Students and interviewed many industry experts to gain an insight of what actually happens in the industry.

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