Swinky Sharma | Associate - Inbound Marketing

Swinky serves as an Inbound Marketing Associate at Inbound Mantra. A poet at heart, she strives to streamline her creativity for two of her dear accounts:

  • Inside Sales Box: An all in one Inside Sales Software by Drishti Soft
  • Rolling Arrays: Asia’s leading HR Management Solutions Consultancy, headquartered in Singapore

Whether it’s a blog, article, e-book, or social media creatives or more, getting to convey what an organization provides and reaching its target audience is essential. And that is where Swinky comes in, delivering all the content marketing needs to her clients.

Swinky is a Master Degree holder with dual specialization in the field of HR & Marketing from O.P. Jindal Global University, Haryana. During her post-graduate days, she interned in the field of HR at Airport Authority of India under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, New Delhi.

Born and brought up in the land of Punjab, the fortunate turns of life led her to various places during her academic life from north to south end of India, giving her rewarding experiences of exploring and associating with people from various walks of life. Appreciating little things in life, her idea of happiness could be a cup of coffee shared with a dear friend or any Nicholas Sparks’ novel.

Trekking is the second thrill known to this adventurous woman. A career in aviation being the first. She says, to most people sky is the limit but for her it’s her home and in years to come that is where she sees herself, Flying!

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