LinkedIn Profile Photo is the most precious real estate on your LinkedIn Profile. Are you leveraging it?

So, you are on LinkedIn. According to LinkedIn, over 175 million professionals the World over, use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. How do you look amongst all these professionals? The answer lies in your LinkedIn Profile photo. Do you resemble a headless chicken? Let us find out with these three exercises.

#1 Scroll your LinkedIn Timeline and check out the LinkedIn Profile Photo of your LinkedIn connections

Try this exercise, now. Log in to your LinkedIn account and scroll the timeline. Keep scrolling. What did you notice? Try again, if you didn't notice anything. If you try hard, you would notice that you pay more attention to those status updates that have a photo. Web research points that you are seven times more likely to have someone click through to view your profile (with photo) when it comes up in search results.TheLadders conducted a study of 30 recruiters wherein a heat map of their time on candidates' LinkedIn Profile was measured. The LinkedIn Profile photo of the candidates occupied the most time at 19% of the total time spent.Watch Video - The Pragmatic Learning 6 minute video on "How to make an outstanding LinkedIn Profile?"

#2 Can you recognize your own LinkedIn Profile photo in an instant?

This is easy. Can you recognize yourself in an instant from your LinkedIn Profile photo (i.e. if you have one)? Or have you used a photo that features you in the background, thereby making you poorly visible.

Take Advantage: LinkedIn allows you to upload a LinkedIn Profile photo of maximum 4 MB size with a pixel size range from 80 X 80 to 500 X 500. What this means is that you could easily use a high resolution headshot photo. And that is a LinkedIn Profile best practice.

#3 See and Judge the LinkedIn Profile photos of Five of your Connections

This aspect is not straight forward and there is no ONE right thing. And the nature of your LinkedIn Profile photo could also depend on the nature of your business, industry and function. To get it right, try answering the following question:

How would you like to be seen when attending business meetings both within your own organization and with clients ?

  • Would you like to look serious, like your passport photos? Yes, like those photos you stick on Government application forms.
  • Would you like to look like a party animal? Yes, your Facebook photo
  • Or would you like a balanced approach that exhibits your pleasing personality as well as your business intent? Bulls Eye.

Please share your stories and experiments with your LinkedIn Profile Photo, we would be happy to share our perspective.

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