5 Libraries a HubSpot COS Developer should use

If you are a HubSpot COS Developer, you just got lucky. I recently did the COS work for a "Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Advisory" company in which I used some new "Libraries". I had super fun playing with them. I am excited to share with all of you these "Libraries". There are 5 such libraries that you may find useful. Not just HubSpot COS developers, even web developers working on other CMS' can also take advantage. The entire website of this RPA company was created in HubSpot.

These are 5 such Libraries that can make our work easier:

1. Fancybox3

According to their website fancybox.net , it is a tool that offers a nice and elegant way to add zooming functionality for images, HTML content and multi-media for web pages. It is built on the top of the popular JavaScript framework jQuery and is both easy to implement and a snap to customize. It appears as a popup box when clicked. Have you noticed some of the videos that pop up when clicked. That is fancybox for you.Example

See the Pen Fancybox Example by sameer thakur (@smr000) on CodePen.

2. Tippy.js

It is a HubSpot friendly library that provides a higher-order component. It uses React DOM to render tooltip content. Therefore, you can fully use it in your HubSpot COS development projects easily. It appears as a tooltip when we hover the mouse.Example

See the Pen tippy.js Example by sameer thakur (@smr000) on CodePen.

3. Owl carousel

Use Owl Carousel to add an image slideshow and a content slider to any page. And by editing its CSS we can customize its style.Example

See the Pen Owl carousel Example by sameer thakur (@smr000) on CodePen.

4. EasePack

This is an animation library made in JS, with which we can show the animation of "joint particles" in the background of any page or any section. Its animation shows when the mouse moves to the section.


See the Pen EasePack Example by sameer thakur (@smr000) on CodePen.

5. MixItUp

This is a Library with which we can filter the content. There are many functions available in this:• Pagination• Dropdown filter• Short by• Search• Checkbox filter• Clear filter


See the Pen [MixItUp] - Advanced Filter Logic (Checkboxes & Search Input) by sameer thakur (@smr000) on CodePen.

If you have been using libraries, please feel free to share in the comments section. I would like to learn from you.If you would like to know more about my work on HubSpot COS, please look up the links below.

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