Agency Performance model on pricing

Agency Performance model on pricing

Dear Prospective Client?

It was good to meet you, the other day.

Thank you for considering us for your company's inbound marketing services requirement. Our proposal reflects the ROI that you would like to achieve from this engagement.

Unlike your earlier fixed retainer engagement that billed you for hours (including inefficiencies) and defined output, our inbound marketing proposal is about ROI outcomes and eventually, your success. In a recent survey of 4,000 marketers, the HubSpot 'State of Inbound 2015' report found that delivering ROI gets a higher budget. I couldn't agree more.

Since we have a "value-based" pricing approach, "very" different from the fixed retainer model, it isn't obvious. Through this letter, I am making an attempt to explain our inbound marketing pricing model / approach.

To illustrate this well, I am taking the help of Geometry - Coordinate Geometry - to represent two important variables

- x (

- y axis

For the sake of this example, we assume that the 'ambitious' client has a goal to reach 10. The Inbound Marketing Agency

On the x-axis we haveThree phases of successful engagement.

Phase I

In phase I,

I understand that you are currently considering

You think I win.

I think you win.

Win - win.

A year is what it takes to reach win-win.

I am sure that you are win-win unor you owuldl not be reading this particular line.

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