Attract Quality Students with a 5 Point Inbound Marketing Plan (Infographic)

Are you familiar with The FIVE Point Plan yet?

Well, you would have been if you had read my latest eBook - How to Attract Quality Students? Writing the eBook was a part of my HubSpot Certification program, one of the important factors for Inbound Mantra (HubSpot Partner).At first I really faced difficulty writing the eBook but then it all got easy.I was supposed to create three content offers for my certification, one of them being the eBook. It came to my mind, the eBook is quite long, 9 min to be specific, given the fast life these day, would anybody take out time to read the whole eBook?And then my mind clicked and I thought why not make it easier for the readers and bring the HEART of the eBook to a quick 1min infographic? And so I created this.My creative team member, Rizwan, helped me out with converting 9min information into just a minute infographic.

Take a look :-

How did you find the inforgraphic? Would love to know your feedback.Use the comments section below. 

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