Our Experience With HubSpot Growth Driven Design

As a designer, I am constantly trying to find new ways to improve my skills. So one day I just thought about what should I be doing to enhance my website designing skills for corporate business. I was completely confused, and then I chanced upon the HubSpot course Growth Driven Design(GDD).

In the era of smartphones, smart TVs, and smart appliances, why do we design for websites that are static and generic? Isn’t it time that we apply smart technology to the way we design a website? Thankfully, there is a solution. Growth Driven Design is a way to make your website smarter, it gives your website the flexibility to adapt to users and deliver a more personalized experience.

A Quick Recap of My Journey

My journey with Hubspot Growth Driven Design (GDD) started about a year ago. I was a few months into aligning my designs for the inbound marketing agency in which I work. But after looking at the client conversion rates I was not completely satisfied. I felt that my efforts on websites & landing pages weren’t entirely on point and that’s when I do the Hubspot Growth Driven Design Certification. This course allowed me to align my landing, emails, and forms to buyer personas and met various benchmarks set by the best design agencies across the world.

How Growth Driven Design(GDD) Works?

Instead of building a site based on assumptions and hunches the working of Growth Driven Design is driven by the data. The real difference is that your site is “living”, which means that it’s always being tested and tweaked for better results.Based on data, not assumptionsGrowth Driven Design (GDD) is based on data whereas the traditional web design is based only on assumptions, no one is sure about how effective the new website will be after the launch. The process of Growth Driven Design(GDD) gives you time and financial resource usage ideas with the help of which you can figure out the reasons for the underperformance of your website and can work towards dealing with them.User-focused, not designerTraditional web design is designer focused, which means that a designer or project lead will have to sit down and brainstorm about what should be on the site. While a good designer can still churn out effective websites, it is not based on the user experience. In Growth Driven Design (GDD) the whole process focuses on users because their feedback and data are used to determine what improvements need to be made to increase conversions on your website.Endless developmentTraditional design approach creates a website like a static entity, but in Growth Driven Design(GDD) approach the website is like a living thing that requires constant adaptation to reach its peak performance.Flexible processThe new website is built in stages and the whole process is flexible and can easily adapt to changes. In the traditional web design it is very difficult to make changes during the process, sometimes that leaves you with an undesired finished product due to unexpected changes. With GDD, the process adapts itself to unexpected changes.

Benefits of Growth-Driven Design(GDD)

- These are some benefits of Growth-Driven Design over the traditional design:Your website is in a constant state of improvement, instead of only every 3-4 years.Your conversion rate is in a constant state of growth because it continually enhances messaging, calls to action and other key website elements.Instead of every design decision made internally during a one-time project, we use real data to guide our design methodology.Your website will instantly launch in 4-6 weeks instead of 4-6 months, which means that you will see the benefits faster and for a longer period of time.

Things that can be better in Growth-Driven Design(GGD)

Some Growth Driven Design(GDD) questions were extremely dependent on the thought process of the person. They can not be answered right away.The Continuous Improvement process stressed upon by Growth Driven Design(GDD) cannot always be implemented for clients as it is time-consuming and cost-intensive for them, there should be some other alternative.Growth Driven Design(GDD) is a completely unfamiliar concept for many companies, which are used to technology initiatives being self-contained projects. The idea of committing to spending monthly for the website can be undesirable for some companies.

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