Facebook Acquires Instagram - The Days of "Transition and Acquisition"

Facebook acquires Instagram is something which is ruling the charts right now. Everyone is talking about the billion dollar deal, the pros and cons for the Facebook, the valuation and the offering that it has kept in store. What's there in the pipeline coming up?

My facebook timeline and twitter updates were completely occupied by the same story of Facebook acquire Instagram until sometime in the evening when the Earthquake took away all the attention. For a brief moment let me bring you back to the latest tool in Facebook's kit and do a brief analysis on the same.

Let's have a look at the growth of Instagram since its inception.
Something similar to the way Facebook has progressed in the past, to a much smaller extent of course.

But considering it's just an application and run by a dozen of people, the Apple's No.1 application of the year's performance is commendable.

Why did Mark Zuckerberg suddenly pull the trigger? Possible reasons why Facebook acquires Instagram:- Facebook has not been successful in finding its roots in the mobile domain the way it has done on Web. One of the reasons of acquiring Instagram could have been an attempt to strengthen its hold on this domain as well.

- An attempt to eliminate a possible competition. The way Instagram was climbing up, it might have posed a threat to facebook for the contention of the biggest photo database, uploaded by the users.

- Mark Zuckerberg, in his statement, stressed upon how anxious he was to work with the "talented team" of Instagram. The technology transfer and the user base of both the companies combined can translate into something really big in the future.

- The Geo Tag location feature of Instagram might have some part to play as well. Facebook have it's own sign in functionality. But the one in the Instagram is much more obvious and attracts usage. This could help Facebook in segmenting the users and possibly trace out some user behavior.

This one comes as the biggest acquisition by the biggest social media giant so far. People are having a mixed opinion regarding the same and skeptic views are bound to occur taking into account the way its valuation rocketed.

What is there is store for us? Only time will tell. But this deal has once again reminded everyone the power of social media and this is undoubtedly the next big thing.

A 2 year old company run by a dozen of employees has managed to surpass a 160 year old organization (New York Times). This is a signal of time to come. Social Media is here to stay and the transition to digital space has already begun.I am sure you have strong views on this. Let them flow.

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