Facebook Ads Invoicing - A real pain in the neck

Last Monday, one of Inbound Mantra's loved client, who have spent more than $40,000 (and counting) on Facebook Ads sent us an email.It said, "Our finance team says Facebook as payments via credit card will not be possible". Let me explain. In India, if you are using Facebook ads, the only payment option available is a credit card.


Unless you have been born lucky to get unlimited Facebook ad coupons.

This is indeed a big issue. Because credit cards are personal and using them for business expenses is a complicated matter.

Luckily Facebook also provides another payment option and that is Monthly invoicing.

But the logic for invoicing is foolish, extremely foolish.

Invoicing requires a $10,000 monthly spending for a continuous period of 3 months.

But this is not simple as they will setup invoice only once I have incurred a cost of $10,000 monthly. I have attached a screenshot below.


But how will I be able to incur the cost if I don't use a credit card? And even if I use one I will not be able to incur this much amount as in India, getting a credit card is a privilege and getting a credit of $ 10,000 is next to impossible.

At this moment, because of this issue, loss of business is staring at us, right on the face.

Owing to all this, I decided to take up Facebook to set up monthly invoicing for our client.

I tried the following.

  1. Support - First, I contacted Facebook support to setup Facebook ads invoicing. Their answer was that they can't set up invoicing till we don't incur the cost of $10,000 monthly. This is pretty much the standard answer. Though I have persisted, nothing has happened to budge them from their standard stand. So much so, now the customer support executive says to me, "you again".
  2. Facebook Grievance Officer - After the disappointing answer from Facebook support, I contacted Facebook grievance officer India. No reply. Our Director also wrote to them personally, and still no reply.
  3. Facebook Top Management - Then I tried to contact Facebook India MD  Kirthiga Reddy , Head of Business Marketing - Facebook India - Rahul Fernandes, Head of Office, Facebook India | Community Operations - Sivakumar Sethuraman, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook India - Nidhi Thakkar, Head of South East Asia, SMB Facebook - Nadia Tan. I felt very sad because I got notifications from my CRM HubSpot sales that they have opened emails that I had sent to them but no one responded back. It is a big let down.
  4. Netbanking Payment - But I didn't lose hope. I came to know that Facebook has introduced Netbanking option and I right away contacted Facebook support but again a bad news they said net banking is not available as a payment option, yet. And it will take some more time.
  5. Some Response - At last, I tried one more time and I did get a hopeful reply from AR EMEA Facebook. But afterwards, they also stopped replying. After all this I again contacted Facebook support with my facebook reference id that was generated by AR EMEA and they said that they will contact after 3 days.

I am waiting for their reply now.

Facebook, I am a proud marketer, not a credit follow up marketer. Our client for whom I am trying to setup monthly invoicing is one of the India's most respected Real Estate developers with a track record of years, even more than Facebook. Facebook must feel responsible that they are getting business from companies like them.In India, you feel helpless because you can't contact Facebook support on phone. Here I think Google and LinkedIn support is far better as compared Facebook. At Least they have a local team to support. At least they have dedicated support with whom you can connect on call and get your problems solved whereas, in Facebook, people just don't even care to reply.

Shouldn't customer satisfaction be a priority for Facebook? That too after making $5.6bn in ads revenue quarterly. Some of it would be coming from India definitely. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is known to be extremely user responsive. I doubt if he really knows about this episode. If he knew, he would have definitely done something.I don't know what will be Facebook's reply on invoicing. And whether they will reply or not. Fingers crossed. Eyes on the email.

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