Facebook IPO - Ten Thoughts to get You Thinking about $38

So, today i.e 18th May, 2012 the hysteria around the Facebook IPO would reach a crescendo with the third largest IPO in US history for an asset less company. Well, almost. Exciting Isn't it. That is not all.

(1) In a single stroke, thanks to the Facebook IPO Mark Zuckerberg will become wealthier than Mukesh Ambani, Lakhsmi Mittal, and Google Founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin. Can there be another powerful example ever of the power of creativity?

(2) Facebook will have 50% of Google Valuations with 1/10 the revenue. And this will be achieved with only one core offering. Core competency anyone ??? Fans, Likes, Groups .... or is it just aura around the Facebook IPO ?

Facebook IPO Ten Thoughts to Get You Thinking

(3) China is a Facebook blind country. It is not legal to have a Facebook account in China. Non participation in Facebook could be the biggest price paid by Chinese because of their political system.

(4) India is the third largest country on Facebook contributing 45 million users; whereare US contributes 157 million users, and Brazil 47 million. However with the penetration of only 3.5% it promises maximum potential for growth.

(5) Want to check how big your brand is? Facebook is the proof. Coca Cola is the biggest brand in Facebook world with 42 million likes.

(6) So you think corporate users are more valuable than ordinary users. LinkedIn generates 1.11 USD per user in revenues, whereas Facebook generates 1.22 USD per user (per quarter figures). Spins common sense. Isn't it. That is Facebook IPO for you.

(7) A 500,000 initial investment by Peter Thiel will fetch him USD 847 million through the Faceook IPO in less than 6 years. No investor has made this in such a short time ever. And there are many more like Peter Thiel, it is just the degree that is different.

(8) So what is driving the Facebook IPO? It is the ordinary retail users who are mad to get a pie. They use it every day, and can see the big picture beyond financials. The institutional investors are scared, but are lining up after super demands witnessed 3 days before the offering.

(9) Is Facebook and the Facebook IPO a bubble: Maybe? But the bubble is not going to burst tomorrow. Facebook is real with 900 million people on it, and those users are not going to let go off their chance to interact with each other.

(10) The real excitement will uncover today. Mark (zuckerberg) the Day - 18th May, 2012.

History and Financial history will be made with the third largest IPO in history - the Facebook IPO.

This is a guest post by our patron Mr Rohit Tripathy. Rohit is an Entrepreneur and the Owner of Intricap. You can follow (up) with him on twitter @tripathyr

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