4 Features every HubSpot COS Developer loves

My initial days at Inbound Mantra were all around Wordpress but later as I started with my HubSpot Design Certification, things started changing. I discovered an entirely different platform for Website Designing after becoming a HubSpot COS Developer.

Since my HubSpot Design Certification, it's been a bumpy ride as a HubSpot COS Developer. HubSpot COS came and left me mesmerized with its advanced features and in many ways, it made the whole process a lot easier.

I didn't have to code much unlike Wordpress, but getting used to the process and method took some effort. This was one of the best learning experience as a web developer.Let's take a look at some of the HubSpot COS features worth mentioning as a HubSpot COS Developer:


While completing my practicum for HubSpot COS, I noticed that I don't need any back-end coding for HubSpot.

Could life be any easier?

I mean I only need to drag and drop modules and use HTML or CSS to make beautiful pages. Child's play, right? In case I need to add any advanced features, I can also create custom modules.

Well, it was only later that I found out it was not the same case for a Blog or Email templates. HubL is the language used for these pages we develop in HubSpot COS.

HubSpot COS Developer

Self Taught HubSpot COS Developer

To learn HubSpot you don't need to join any kind of course or spend money. Of course, you have to spend money on buying HubSpot. But, as far as learning how to make websites on COS is concerned, you will learn 50% of HubSpot COS by the time you complete your HubSpot Design Certification.

HubSpot already has so much information online and moreover, the HubSpot COS Developers forum is much more than supportive, you will get all the information required regarding the HubSpot COS.

According to my personal experience, you do not need to wait for more than 24 hrs to get your questions answered.

As I told earlier, HubSpot has a vast environment of online knowledge. You may find a few things about the HubSpot COS development here.

Mobile/Tablet Responsiveness

Sometimes, we as humans miss things too close to our eyes. When I was working on my first template it took me some time to understand that I don't need extra coding to make it mobile responsive. The modules in HubSpot are already flexible and responsive, like Pagebuilder in Wordpress.

No extra effort required!

HubSpot Marketplace

When you have spent so much time and effort on a template or page, wouldn't you like to sell it?

HubSpot has a marketplace of its own.

On Wordpress, you need to go to Envato or ThemeForest to sell your template, but with HubSpot COS you don't need to go anywhere, you just need to submit your designs in the HubSpot Marketplace.

To know the submission requirements for HubSpot marketplace, you can click here or read our guide for submission into HubSpot COS marketplace. You can also check out our HubSpot COS Templates in the HubSpot Marketplace.

Hubspot COS Development marketplace

COS is more powerful than any CMS

At the end, what I learned from my experience till now is that HubSpot COS is more powerful than any other CMS.Its built-in responsive designs can save you a lot of time, resource, stress and IT costs.

It goes beyond traditional CMS and provides you the optimization of social media, headers, blogs, and pagination through simple tags.

So, this was my first experience with HubSpot COS.

How was yours?

Do let me know through comments.

And if you are looking for some help with HubSpot COS Development, Think of us.

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