Find your Twitter Quotient

There is no denying the fact that Twitter has grown into one of the strongest social networks (not to forget that it's one of its own kinds). There are multiple online tools available which can actually help you out in determining your twitter quotient. Here is a list of a few of those useful tools :


It is a great tool to find your twitter statistics, updates statistics of your followers, following and much more. It also provides you with the functionality of comparing multiple twitter accounts simultaneously. It is a great tool to track your tweets and design your strategy on the similar lines.


Using Refollow, You can view not only your friends and followers, but those who are friends or followers of any other particular user, or any user who has ever @mentioned you. There are a number of parameters which you can use to sort the tweets of your community. Refollow also provides an array of options to filter your tweets.


Twitalyzer is a free tool to evaluate the activity of any Twitter user and generate reports on an array of useful measures of success in social media. This powerful tool can help you measure your twitter quotient.


Twitter Grader is a free tool that allows you to check the power of your twitter profile. It takes into account a variety of factors including the number of followers, influence of those followers and your community building activities. Using this tool, you can generate your twitter quotient in just a few seconds.


Tweettronics pulls real-time data about what people are thinking and what they're saying to one another. It analyzes that data and converts it into understandable results you can act on. It is a tool to analysis, discover, track and engage with Twitter conversations about your products, brands, and topics.These are just a few out of umpteenth number of tools you can use to enhance your twitter experience. If you know any other such tool which is exceptional in its own ways in calculating the twitter quotient, do let us know. Happy Learning !

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