Map your Home with Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker allows you to add geographic information for the world to see. It is a crowdsourced attempt to reflect the world as seen through the eyes of its inhabitants.Readers, I bring you a video after a long time. This time, we give social media a spin by taking on Google Map Maker. In this video, I will demonstrate how to use Google Map Maker to draw the outline of a Building. In addition to buildings, you can add places, natural features, cities and even countries.

Kindly note that the Google Map Maker is not the same as Google Maps. Google Map Maker is an opportunity for you to draw the World as you see it.Please look up this 3 minute video I have created. Follow the video and place your home and your neighborhood on the Internet. And yes, do give me some feedback about the video tutorial, as well.

How to use Google Map Maker to mark your Home?

Go, Map Now !

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