Google Privacy Policy (new) – Read it this time, Atleast !

The Google Privacy Policy has reignited the Internet Privacy debate. Only this time, the debate might be an informed one.Chances are you have never ever read the privacy policy of a web service that you use. And you don’t intend reading it ever. But, if you are reading this post, chances are you have already been consumed by Google’s relentless promotional alert about its New Privacy Policy.

Google – The New Privacy PolicyIn its email communication and other numerous login messages, Google has portrayed its new policy as a process improvement initiative where Google seeks to consolidate user information across sixty odd Google products.

The proposed consolidation, Google mentions in its formal communication – “covers multiple products and features, reflecting our desire to create one beautifully simple and intuitive experience across Google”. Google goes on to say that the new changes would make the entire Google user experience productive.

Criticism for the Google Privacy PolicyNot surprisingly, the privacy policy has come in for criticism. Not only has Microsoft taken a jibe at Google with its cheeky Ads, the US Congress has also taken up the matter directly with Google. The bone of contention centred on the ‘missing’ opt-out option for users. As this post goes to the wires, Google has sent in a formal reply to the concerns raised.

User Education - What does it all mean for you and me?

Life goes on. Web services companies like Google have the prerogative to put forth privacy policies in line with their business objectives. Historically, less than handful internet users have paid attention to privacy policy. Only this time, many would read about it. Privacy is a sensitive issue and has to be dealt by individuals at a personal level. It is best left to individuals to decide what makes sense. But what really scores out in all this noise, is the concerted attempt by Google to educate its users. You have to give it to Google that they have been transparent and forthcoming in imparting education on the Web Privacy changes.

Having given Google the benefit of the doubt, the rationale for the Privacy Policy consolidation does merit an objective analysis. But that has to be a fresh post before the new Google Privacy Policy goes live on 1st March, 2012.Do you have a different perspective on the Google Privacy Policy matter? Share with the World.

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