How a rejection turned me into an Inbound Marketer!

It’s been four months and twenty five days since I gave my interview at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. It amazes me that how I still remember every bit of that day.2nd February 2016. Well! It was a nice sunny day. After all I had reached the final round of job interview with a media giant Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. It was the first company that came to our college campus in the last semester of MBA course.

Everyone was motivated and excited for the interview since it was the humdinger of media industry and to top that, it was offering the highest package.Yeah! I know the movie ‘Three Idiots’ was quite inspiring and motivated people to do what they love instead of doing things keeping ‘money’ at the pivot. But in reality only few people are courageous enough to do that.

The process pipeline of reaching the final job offer was one tough nut.There were three rounds before the final interview and 60 students appearing for the same. As fortunes would have it, I cleared all the rounds and reached to the final one along with one classmate of mine. I was pretty confident that the offer was mine to have since I was the brighter student when it came to studies as compared to my opponent who had a few backlogs I suppose.

So it was 2nd February and the day of my final interview round. I wore a nice pink shirt tugged into a black trouser and draped myself with a well creased Blazer.The interview went awesome. I waited eagerly for the result which to my dismay came out as a shock for me. I got REJECTED! I couldn’t figure out what went wrong or where did I lack in presenting myself in the interview. I couldn’t sleep for few nights figuring out what could have went wrong.While I was trying to come out of the trauma, Inbound Mantra happened and my fighting spirit got a kick start.

We got a mail regarding Inbound Mantra hiring freshers for the post of Associate Inbound Marketer. Although the package offered was less than what Zee was offering but the job profile was something I was very excited about. It resonated with the kind of work I loved doing. I gave my best in the selection process and finally cracked the offer(YAY!).Now it’s been a month and a half that I have been working here at Inbound Mantra. I look back and realize, had I not been rejected that day, I would have been doing something I didn’t even know much about. But here I can be what I want to be, create what I want to create and be the best of myself for that is what Inbound Mantra is about.

Here I learned what Inbound Marketing is about and how it is different from digital marketing. There is no limit to learning at this place. I am learning all the spheres around SEO, Content marketing, Campaign, Wordpress, Keyword research, Google Analytics and so much more. It makes me feel so good that I am one of the budding Inbound Marketers of this country.

Have you ever wondered how would you deal with a rejection or have you already faced one and are not able to overcome it?Well! here are the 3 ‘life hack’ lessons I learned from that Rejection:-

  • If something bad happens to you, don’t give up too soon , because there is something better out there waiting for you!
  • Be courageous! Do what you love. Money will follow. After all you spend maximum time of your day doing work.Make sure you love it!
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