Why Google is going Outbound?

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What? Google is going outbound?You must be thinking I have gone nuts.But, I was also stunned when I saw some of their advertisements on outbound channels.How can an Internet Giant like Google go for outbound campaigns when they are the first men of Inbound.Jokes apart, let's see how google has gone outbound. 

Television advertisements:

Campaign name: Google Search - Answers Made Easy: Movie Show Times

inbound marketingCampaign name: As you can see in all the above campaigns, Google is promoting their search app. Google Search - Answers Made Easy: Song Lyrics   is returning to traditional ways of marketing.Why would Google leverage expensive outbound tactics when it can make the best use of its own adwords?I don't know why Google is going for outbound mediums?Do you know why? hoardingsBut hold on! There's more to know.Google also has been promoting the Google Search app through Campaign name:ऐप पर हर जवाब आसानी से – होमवर्क. Can you even imagine that a company like Google is doing ads on hoardings?While I was on my way back to Delhi from Chandigarh during Diwali celebration week, I came across hoardings on national highway 1 - GT road. I'm sure most of the commuters would also have come across the same.The hoarding had a search bar in the middle, which said "To know fuel stations near you search on Google". It is shocking to see hoarding advertisements from Google.Although, they did select the place as well as the time well, since the highway was brimming with lots of traffic during the Diwali week.The company who has influenced marketers to switch from outbound to                        

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