In India, we walk bollywood. We talk bollywood. We breathe bollywood.Being a graphic designer, my mind is more aligned to visuals. And it keeps connecting real life situations with Bollywood scenes. My professional life is no exception to this.At Inbound Mantra, all the talks in office run around these heavy words: SEO, Alexa Rank, Lead, Keyword, Content generation, Blog, Website, Social Media,  Landing Page, CTA, Funnel, MQL, TOFU, MOFU, BOFU, Campaign, Hubspot, Creative, Research, Persona, Budget, Deadline, Client Meeting, Presentation, Clients Feedback...there are many more, but I understood...enough is enough :)).

So here are some of the connections that I tried to execute. Let me know, how are they. You can also share some of your experiences, and I will try to put them into visual form.

PS: You got to be a die-hard fan of bollywood to fully enjoy the blog.

1) In India, Inbound Marketing is a relatively new term. So when I tell my friends and people around that I do Inbound Marketing, this is how they react:


2) When there is a limited budget to run the campaign..


3) And when Alexa Rank goes up...


4) If you do not put CTAs on the right place, the leads be like...


5) And when we see the Marketing Qualified Lead, we are the client.


6) Before working with us, clients are like...


7) And after working with us...