What was the latest in inbound marketing this week?

In line with our 2016 objective to promote insights around inbound marketing, Inbound Mantra launches its new initiative - Inbound Marketing this week.

It will bring together the best posts on inbound marketing that found readership.

This week, we bring to you some famous inbound marketers and the emerging ABM theme.

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Here's a quick round up of everything we got you this week:

How Inbound Marketing Will Turn Your Company Into A Fortress

From saving money to building assets for your company - catch all that inbound can do Read more

4 Inbound Marketers to Watch in 2016 (and Why They're Crushing It)

If you are one of them, we are proud to see you here Read more

Account-Based Marketing Takes on Inbound: Which Will Win?

The difference between ABM and Inbound - pros and cons. This seems to be playing out Read more

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