Is HubSpot Certification ideal?

28th Aug 2016, a day when I became Hubspot Certified.

It took me 7 days, 3 hours per day to complete HubSpot tutorials and get a sense what the certification that I was about to give, has in store for me. what is to come in the test I was about to take. The hubspot certification tutorials covered the basic concepts of Inbound Marketing Methodology and how the Hubspot tool is used effectively in all the stages of the methodology defined. in order to use the methodology effectively.


But after finishing the test, which comprised of 90 multiple choice questions, a lot of questions started to float over my mind. Like, What have I learned ? How much did I grasp from the tutorials and the test? Will I be able to use the Hubspot tool efficiently? Such thoughts continued to bug me and left me with no answer until I started to analyze each aspect of the HubSpot Certification to find whether the knowledge gained from the same was of any help.The analysis was based on my understanding of the glitches that I found HubSpot tutorials has. Therefore, I’ve come up with four areas where HubSpot can make improvements in order to build more confident and happy HubSpoters.

  1. More Theory, Less Practical
  2. Undoubtedly, the tutorials had a lot of educational content specific to HubSpot tool. But the missing aspect was practical learning. Until or unless you try and use the tool yourself, it gets difficult to memorize the links to various tabs and its functionality.  This is one thing I feel education system lacks and was evident here too
  3. HubSpot forgot to “Delight” me !
  4. One of the major glitch in all the tutorials was that the “Delight” stage of Inbound Methodology wasn’t reflected upon, left alone the learning based on the use of tool in this stage. Just like the inbound marketing efforts remain  incomplete without delighting your customers, my learning of the inbound methodology remained scrappy.
  5. It was beyond Business Beth and Adventure Amy.
  6. HubSpot focused extensively on two personas i.e., Business Beth and Adventure Amy, which was great for understanding the concept of persona to convert them from one stage of methodology to another until the test actually happened. In my opinion, most of the questions should have been persona based to have an extensive and better understanding of tools rather than direct questions.
  7. Better coverage of Social Media Tool
  8. Social media which is the key driver of conversion process in inbound methodology was not given the importance it deserved. Tool utilization for social media was restricted just to twitter, whereas other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ wasn’t reflected upon.Do let us know your perspective of HubSpot Certification. The comment box is open to discussion.
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