Klout : Measure your influence on social networks

Do you know that using Klout you can measure your influence on all your social media marketing services . The Klout Score is a measure of how often you create content or influence others. Let us go through a quick overview of this tool.Klout has tried to position itself as the "Standard of Influence". With so many social networks emerging, Klout has tried to come out as a tool to measure whether your social network's influence is apt or not.

Klout Score : This is the variable which tells your Klout Score, that is how strong your social media outreach actually is, how often you create content and how well you influence others.

The three things that it measures are :-

True Reach: How many people you influence

Amplification: How much you influence them

Network Impact: The influence of your network

Klout Perks : These are a few bonus awards that are awarded to you by Klout based on your engagement in the topics that you care about. Essentially, this is a technique adopted by Klout to engage more and more people, by giving away perks like Laptops and Airline Tickets.

From Business point of view, companies can employ this tool in order to create Brand Awareness. Get your product into the right hands and let them do the talking for you.

Currently Klout has an extended reach to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Youtube, Blogger and few other major networks.Do have a look at this tool and tell us your feedback about the same. Happy Learning :)

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