Why do we like Designing on HubSpot CMS?

As a designer who had previously worked on very few web design projects, it was heartening that one of my first projects was on HubSpot CMS. Why? Because Hubspot built its Content Management System (CMS) to be flexible enough to work for both web designers and marketers.Back in October of 2016, Inbound Mantra redesigned and launched Appland (https://www.applandinc.com/), which was one of my first web design projects and the first to be done by Inbound Mantra on Hubspot. A lot has changed in the last 14 months, and I’ve been lucky enough to see the COS develop into a strong content management system that not only rivals but outperforms other CMS platforms in many ways.

What's it like Designing on HubSpot CMS?

Hubspot allows companies to create intensely personalized web experiences for visitors and designers get a great deal of latitude to create websites that are dynamic and engaging. The CMS allows designers to craft websites that deliver an inbound experience that further allows marketers to improve conversion rates. I’m truly excited to see new possibilities that we can uncover with the HubSpot CMS.

Why do Designers love designing on Hubspot?

While Hubspot CMS is known to be a marketer's tool it is also a designer’s best friend. Let's discover the reasons behind this:


Hubspot CMS allows all your tools to be in a single place. Creating and editing blogs, landing pages, site pages, and emails are simple. With access to pre-designed templates, you can make your job simple by using it or start from scratch. Designing, building and publishing pages on Hubspot is not a tedious task. It can be done in mere minutes by selecting a pre-built template or building your own using HubSpot's drag-and-drop interface.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the bread and butter of marketers, the one-stop destination to improve conversion rates and that is why to important to a designer too. With Hubspot CMS landing pages are optimized for all devices with one-click completion forms and customized to each viewer.


Drag and drop your way to a responsive, SEO-friendly, fast and fully integrated website with Hubspot CMS. You can also save your best designs as templates to publish future pages even quicker


On Hubspot CMS, stunning email templates can be designed which automatically allow personalized subject lines and content for each recipient. It also allows power users to run A/B tests to improve open and click-through rates.


Responsive Technology is the core of HubSpot CMS. As the internet devices largely vary in screen sizes, it’s even more important to make sure that the website is built keeping that in mind. HubSpot CMS visual template builder generates the Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework behind the scenes, so the templates you design are inherently responsive and ready to adapt to all devices.


Your visits are unique, don't let your website treat them the same. Personalized content means a better user experience and a better performing website.Tailor your content according to individual visitors based on their location, source, device, language, or by any detail stored in your contacts database, from demographic information to contacts’ interactions with your brand.Hubspot smart contents give users the acumen to personalize each user’s experience easily and effectively.


You to create any design imaginable with the HubSpot CMS. With it’s powerful and flexible templating system it allows you to create complex pages while preserving a simple interface for users and at professional and enterprise levels, HubSpot can add in Smart Content, forms, and CTAs. With smart content, you can optimize your page for each lead and customer.Whether it's s website, landing page, blog, email, or any other digital resource, the design is a big part of customer experience and needs to be optimized accordingly. Good design isn’t just about making things look nice—the assets need to be designed keeping the buyer personas in mind.A website is the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. Good design is really important when it comes to Websites pages. Every single element needs to offer value to it and should make an impact on your target audience group.Comment below if you want to share with us your website redesigning experience.

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