LinkedIn Marketing - One Stupid Mistake Businesses Make

Attention Businesses, if you are using LinkedIn Profiles for the purposes of LinkedIn Marketing, you are shooting yourselves in the foot. Haven't you heard about LinkedIn Company Pages ?

One fine day, as I went about my usual LinkedIn routine of making status updates, establishing connections and research; I received an unsolicited "Invitation to Connect" request. Just to digress a little, from a LinkedIn best practice point, it is considered impolite to send unsolicited "Invitation to Connect" requests. This connection request that I received was not just downright impolite, it was strange. Very strange. It was not sent by a natural person or a human. It was sent by a company. Self goal - Twice. Sorry, your LinkedIn Marketing effort just failed even before take off.With close to 174 million members (at the time of writing this blog), LinkedIn is the World's largest professional networking platform. Professionals across countries are on LinkedIn for jobs, business deals, corporate insights and intelligent discussions.

So if you are a business considering presence on LinkedIn for recruitment, B2B Lead Generation, LinkedIn Marketing and Sales, do not commit the mistake of creating a LinkedIn Profile. The professionals who are on LinkedIn for business are savvy users. And a faux pas like this, will most certainly jeopardize your LinkedIn Marketing prospects. Put your best foot forward with LinkedIn Company Pages. Get this and get this Fast - LinkedIn Profile is for natural persons whereas LinkedIn Company Pages are for Companies that are looking for a presence on LinkedIn.Breach of LinkedIn User AgreementThis is critical. If you are a Company and creating a LinkedIn Profile, you are violating the User Agreement of LinkedIn. This is what the actual text from the LinkedIn User Agreement looks like. Kindly peruse.

LinkedIn Company Pages - A powerful tool for B2B LinkedIn Marketing

Unlike LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Company Pages are designed to cater to the requirements of Businesses. In addition to Company overview, information on products and contact details can also be provided. With a little research, businesses can use LinkedIn Company Pages to obtain customer recommendations, showcase videos and target their market.Have you seen examples where companies are using LinkedIn Profiles for purposes of LinkedIn Marketing ? Come on share with us.

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