Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus - they have it. But not LinkedIn. Up till now, that is - The LinkedIn Profile Update Notifications. Angela Yang - Product Manager at LinkedIn - announced the launch of LinkedIn Profile Update Notifications on the LinkedIn Blog.According to Angela's post on the LinkedIn Blog - "Here’s what you’ll see: a notification flag at the top of your homepage and a new Inbox envelope icon. A red circle appears when you have something new, such as comments or likes on your shares, an accepted connection request, new inMails and more. This new feature is all part of our ongoing effort to make it easier to keep engaging discussions going with your network"The Pragmatic Learning team congratulates LinkedIn on the release of this needed and much awaited feature. It will not only improve user experience, it would also give a boost to B2B Lead Generation. In a lighter vein, the LinkedIn Profile Update notifications look similar to that of Facebook. If you find the comparison misplaced, please feel free to use the Comments section. This update has come quickly on the back of the New LinkedIn Profile . What is next, LinkedIn ?

Why LinkedIn Profile Update Notifications ?

A productive User Experience. Up till now, a user's LinkedIn Profile homepage featured only two types of notifications. They were:

  • Invitations to Connect on LinkedIn
  • New Inbox Messages

Update Notifications Missing - LinkedIn User homepage notifications were missing for:

  • Your LinkedIn Status Updates as well as your activity on the others' status updates. were notified by email, previously. It was unwieldy and unproductive.
  • LinkedIn Groups Activity - Ditto. You were notified by email or even worse you had to regularly keep checking the Groups discussion to see if there were any updates.

Have you got the New LinkedIn Profile Update Notifications yet?

According to Angela's post, the Notifications feature is being rolled out from today i.e. 5th September, 2012. According to her, it may take a few weeks before all the LinkedIn Users get notified. Just in case, you happen to be on the good books of LinkedIn, do share your notified LinkedIn user homepage. According to LinkedIn, the notifications feature would be soon available on Android and iOS.

How to take advantage of LinkedIn Profile Update Notifications for B2C and B2B Lead Generation ?

The latest LinkedIn Notifications update is an extremely powerful tool for B2B Lead Generation and Marketing, if used. Now, it is even more important for B2B marketers to be active on LinkedIn using Status Updates and LinkedIn Groups. This is because LinkedIn Users will now see notifications, each time they login. These are powerful "Call to Action" elements unlike email notifications in the past. So if you are into B2C and B2B Lead Generation, it makes sense to double up on LinkedIn Status Updates and LinkedIn Groups.I am very excited about the Notifications Update, but in the interim, like you, I await my LinkedIn Profile Update Notifications.

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