You have a limited marketing budget. And there is pressure to crack open lead generation for B2B Sales. Sounds familiar, right.You would have surely thought, "Let me give LinkedIn a shot. After all where can I have enough of B2B."As an inbound marketer, LinkedIn offers two broad options.

  1. The limited self serve option, where you can quickly get started with Text Ads, Video Ads and now, LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.
  2. The expensive LinkedIn Marketing Solutions that entail high fixed costs, thereby queering the pitch for marketing ROI.

See, as a start-up or a small business owner, life is hell, when it comes to inbound marketing. Thankfully, and in this case LinkedIn, helps out with dollar coupons to undertake limited experiments to figure out if "things will indeed work".One such coupon is the $ 50 coupon from LinkedIn to run LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. All you have to do is write to LinkedIn Customer Service and ask them shamelessly for a $ 50 coupon. The only catch is that you have to spend $ 5 from your own pocket to activate the coupon.Well, there is one more catch. You also need to be managing the LinkedIn Company Page for the brand in question. This is essential to run the LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.Good Luck with the ride!

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