Looking 2016, Talking 2017

The last time I got some sense of the year 2016, it was the 1st of January 2016.I do not know what is it. Is it the fast paced digital immersive life we are in, or is it global warming, or is it just me? Somehow I feel the times moving really fast. It never felt this way, when I was younger :)

Maybe I should ask my kids. (Let me know if you have answers)The MarketIt has been a mixed bag. India continues to languish when it comes to inbound marketing. (Will demonetisation usher digital transformation?) We acquired just one account which had a domestic India focus. We would like to salute this AGV manufacturer for taking the 'Leap of Faith'.

United States - there is something remarkable about this Country. Growth rates around 3% have been enough to excite us. It also speaks about the maturity of the US economy when it comes to Inbound Marketing. SaaS companies, with a US focus, have dominated our portfolio. No complaints.

Cost per Lead (CPL)

In 2016, we saw a flood of inbound leads who were looking for leads based on CPL. Unfortunately, we were unable to service them. 80% of our 50 enquiries every month were looking for CPL transactions.If only some of these companies (who definitely have the money to invest) could adopt inbound marketing to really understand their customers. Inbound marketing's beauty lies in how it enables businesses to get inside their customer's mind. Inbound Mantra needs to do more to showcase this power.


Frankly, I have no clue what this year is going to bring to Inbound Mantra. But, I am excited. Excited at the prospect of solving business problems for our dear clients. Excited at the prospect of breaking head with my teammates to make sense of all the confusing analytics that keeps getting complicated everyday. Excited about experimenting with new things (BOTS are my new found love). Excited about being 'pinned' down by Google every now and then. Excited about working with 'brand new' 20 somethings. Excited about seeing them winning it for the clients.

Have a flourishing 2017.

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