Given the rapid proliferation of Social Media Marketing Tools on the Internet for both consumers and businesses; continuous and systematic Social Media Education in them is a rising challenge. Grovo is making it easy with short, professional and reliable videos.It was a year ago, when my Mother called on the phone and asked me - “Son, Can you explain to me what this Facebook is?” Though I was puzzled, not by the question but by the “soon-to-be real” presence of Mother on Facebook, I quickly gathered myself and explained. I don’t recollect exactly what I said but I remember trying hard to make it simple for her. It was almost like explaining “What is an Ice-Cream”? It was tough. I am sure you have confronted situations where you have attempted to explain these “so obvious” social media marketing services tools, but could have done much better. Social Media Education has to be simple, if not simpler than the Social Media Marketing Services Tools themselves.

Pleasantly, last month when my retired school teacher called me to ask – “Do you know our Prime Minister is on Twitter? I also want to be. Can you help?” I instantaneously blurted out – Grovo. No mumbo jumbo anymore for me, Grovo is the place I recommend for Social Media Education.What’s Grovo? – A Social Media Education DestinationGROVO is an online repository of thousands of video lessons covering a multitude of Internet products and Social Media Marketing Services Tools – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, you name it and it is there. Grovo is a good place to kick start one’s Social Media Education, systematically. The salient and useful features of Grovo are as under:-

(1) FREE Videos

A significant section of the Grovo Video library is FREE. Thank You, Jeff @jefernan. Enrolling for the Grovo Premium account at $9/month allows you access to the entire library. Companies and Businesses can also avail an enterprise version of Grovo for Social Media Education and Training.

(2) Facebook Social Login

If you are a Facebook user, Grovo saves you the hassle of registration with the Facebook Social Login.

(3) Quizzes and Certifications in Social Media Education

Next time you score a 90% plus in the Google Plus quiz on Grovo, not only can you claim your certification but also flaunt it.

(4) Organized Content with Short Videos

Grovo team has neatly organized the content according to tools and topics, thereby making it relevant for users to approach Social Media Education from a utilitarian perspective.The Grovo videos are short and to the point. This makes retention simpler given the short attention span we have these days.

(5) Social Media Education for Groups and Teams

And if you thought Grovo is about individual Social Media Education, wait till you experience the Groups feature. Using groups, one can assign courses and lessons to team members.

(6) Widgets

If you have a Social Media Marketing Services website or run a blog focused on Social Media Education, you can embed the Grovo Widget that features a maximum of ten videos.So, next time your team mate or a family member asks you, “What is Pinterest”? You know exactly what to do. Send them to Grovo.

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