Mindfields' Strategic Website Redesign

What is Mindfields?

Founded more than a decade ago, Mindfields is a Robot Process Automation and Artifical Intelligence advisory firm that provides strategy consulting services to CXO level executives. They work with companies across verticals on emerging and disruptive technologies.Their consultants leverage proprietary tools and innovative methodologies to design and implement RPA and AI solutions, provide training and workshops and do research for clients. With the experience of automating 450+ processes, they are an indomitable force in the niche of Robotics Process Automation.Accolades have been showered upon them by leading research firms like Gartner, HfS Research, and Deloitte. So much so that they are globally recognized as a thought leader in this space.

The Challenge

While Mindfields is a thought leader in the Robotics Automation space their current website was not being optimized to its highest potential.Which is when Mindfields contacted Inbound Mantra to redesign their highest converting website pages. Sounds pretty straightforward?As HubSpot power users, Mindfields entire website was to be improved using the best UI and UX Practices of HubSpot COS. The Case Study, Blog, Careers, Home, and Services pages were redesigned, owing to both their traffic figures and importance to the core business.There were a few challenges that required our immediate attention. Those were:

1. The design was slow, hefty with scope for improvement with UI
2. Showcasing the right information in the right manner
3. Content Addition to enhance User Experience
4. Technical Page Optimization to overcome coding issues caused by website migration
5. Content Library Structure

Mindfields came to us initially for a redesign project but over the course of our association with them, we were able to impress upon them the importance of technical SEO. Despite having futuristic, and comprehensive content the page speed was taking their website down. We were able to minify their resources and optimize their pages to overcome these issues.

The Solution

Armed with the acceptance of these challenges both the Inbound Mantra and Mindfields team sat down to understand how to begin the entire convoluted but enriching process.

Process Orientation

At Inbound Mantra we are constantly ensuring that we create and follow processes. This website redesign project was no different!We realized that a revamped website doesn't mean throwing out the old one. That's the equivalent of throwing the baby out with the bath water! So, we decided to follow a simple 5-step design process:

  • Research & brainstorming
  • Wireframing
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing

Understanding The Requirements

We started with a kick-ass kickoff meeting to understand their current website’s functionality and who their target persona is. As an Inbound Marketing agency, we are constantly trying to orient our client’s assets to their target persona and this project was no different.Once we took their valuable input it was time to conduct an audit of their current website and conduct research on best practices. It started with a review of what their current design was, what it lacked, and how it fits their business.

User-Friendly Design and Development

Their website needed a design refresh in balance, contrast, typography, consistency etc which were all causing the user to be distracted inadvertently. So, we had to redesign these pages according to design principals but in a way that they don't look way too much different from the current website.Previously, these pages were not user-friendly but were still getting good traffic, so we had to do an in-depth customer analysis and design an interface for smooth user experience. As the company is growing rapidly, we also had to design easily editable modules that were expandable and require zero developer interference. This is where HubSpot COS really shined and we were able to make the Mindfields website truly future proof.

In photo: Mindfield's inner blog post.

Multiple Functionalities

As thought leaders in their space, Mindfields has multiple content assets that are exhaustive. It was integral to make it easy for users to look through the various resources provided by the company without getting lost. Here we realized that it was necessary to have multiple filter functionalities within various categories, types, and topics all at the same time. If it sounds confusing, it was because it truly was!

In photo: Multiple dropdown filter functionality used in Mindfield's Case Study Page.

The New Look

In Photo: A comparison between the old look and the new look of Mindfields homepage.

We enjoyed transforming Mindfield's website design and, thereby, user experience. Let us know in the comments below if you have also conducted a website redesign project with concrete results. We'd love to take some notes!

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