A few years ago, I embarked on a journey to become a DESIGNER. Born and brought up in a farming family from a small village named Rathiwas. I am trying to make my place in this universe.

Being a huge fan of superhero movies and animation they influenced me to enter the multimedia and design industry.

Here I am today living a dream at Inbound Mantra.

I live in an amazing world and it's time to play my role. Growing up! I was told you have to live

your life in a certain traditional manner, that you have to fit in, study hard in school, get a job ,

get married and have children someday. They told me to do what they were doing and affirmed

that I will be alright and to ignore my impulses for chasing my dreams. I tried it all but

nothing worked out , I never felt satisfied.Something always felt missing,my life felt so incomplete.

That was it! I decided that I am not going to live this way anymore , instead, will do something unique, something that I love doing.

Just then I thought of becoming a DESIGNER and the journey has been easy since then.The night before my Design exam, I couldn’t sleep. All I kept thinking about was the type of font I would use, Helvetica or Times Font. Oh! How happy those thoughts used to make me feel.Somehow I managed to do my graduation in Animation & Visual Graphics. Flash! real life appeared and forced me to make a resolution and choice about my career and life.


It's no secret that after some time I started liking the design, whether it was graphic design or 3D design. Then I realised that I’d always wanted to learn design. Sometimes I feel stressed and a little bit burnt out but I work it out. I didn’t know anything about web Design initially but I wanted to learn web design so I worked day and night to learn it.

I was tired of having ideas and not being able to execute them. I had that creative itch, but I couldn’t quite scratch it but the love for the design kept me going and I never turned back.

I’ve realised how many others are out there who want to be designers or makers of their own destiny but get lost along the way. So I have decided to be different, in fact not just different I am going to be the best and some day for sure I will make a unique place for myself in this universe. After all, if you THINK you can, you sure CAN!

At Inbound Mantra, I have grown as a designer. Daily I get to implement things learned during my graduation. As a graphic designer learning never stops and at Inbound Mantra, I have been just getting that daily dose of learning sometimes in form of feedback sometimes appreciation.

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