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Like a first date, you need something more, to talk about other than your work.

People connect with people.My first blog gave me a platform to share my journey into design, to express more about myself With my second blog I want to share a different side of my previous blog - Why I created what I created?I have always been passionate about the art and design legends. The famous Pablo Picasso has always been a source of inspiration since my days of getting to know creativity. When you look at one of Picasso’s famous paintings, it’s hard to imagine anyone but the Spanish master himself creating those distinctive brush strokes.

His style is unmistakable. His talent undeniable.

It stands to reason that Picasso’s genius can only have been the result of a natural gift, right?

Would it surprise you to know Picasso built his techniques and developed his unique style by copying the greats who came before him? When he was 7 years old, Pablo Picasso was trained in figure drawing and oil painting by his father Jose. Jose was a traditional, academic artist and instructor who believed that proper training required disciplined copying of the masters and drawing the human body from plaster casts and live models. Reproducing the greats and experimenting with a variety of styles, theories, and ideas led to the revolutionary artistic accomplishments that brought Picasso his fame and wealth.

So following the legend's footsteps I have been driving my inspiration from contemporary illustrator and designer David Sossella from Italy. His style of illustrations has always fascinated me.


What makes David Sossella any different? Check here for some of the mind boggling work he has done.

Taking inspiration from David Sossella, I am sharing the latest illustration titled “My Other side”.

My illustrations are usually an interpretation of the world around me. “My other side” is a reflection of how I see myself, colourful and bold.

Have you ever felt that you had a side that only you knew about? Well I started out by creating my portrait, a bold silhoutte- Gothic yet Indian. The dark brush stroke creates well defined eyes and brings out a fine contrast with the pale colored face.

The crab legged head gear is a side of me which I love to explore, all about the planets and zodiac sign (though some of my friends find it to be annoying ;) ).

The Indian motif pattern depicts my artistic side with a desi touch. And yes there is a diamond in the background, afterall diamonds are a girl's best friend. The colourful shapes fade away from 2D to 3D describing my design journey from seeing everything in two dimensions to a three dimensions.

This colorful piece of art shows my journey till now and brings out the real me.

Having said this I feel my illustrations are a pure reflection of my explorations and inspirations from my favorites. As another creative legend Michelangelo once said “I am still learning”, I will continue to create, break and re-create (doesn’t it sound like lego?)

Until then “Be creative”.

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