Facebook - The Social Networking Giant - has released the New Facebook Page. On the face of it, it appears as a significant improvement especially with the direct messaging feature and a convenient Admin Panel.You guessed it right; it looks just like the Facebook Timeline of mortals. According to the Facebook announcement, - “On March 30, 2012, all Facebook pages will get a new design”. Only Facebook Page Admins can view the new design now. Facebook Page administrators do have the choice to publish “The New Page” right away.Bye Bye Facebook Page - as we know it Pragmatic Learning presents a quick take on the changes.What rocks? (in no particular order)

  • Cover Photo – This would provide the right aura and character to the Facebook Page helping in Branding.
  • Banner – Facebook Page Administrators can use the banner area to showcase Photos and Apps (Max – 12)
  • Highlight Posts – the most important posts can now be highlighted and prominently displayed. This is a much-needed improvement that would enable Facebook Page Administrators to keep Key Posts in a noticeable position.
  • Direct Messaging – this can be a great inbound marketing tool
  • Admin Panel – This is a relief for Facebook Page Administrators. Neatly laid out, the admin panel provides a quick snapshot of the most important metrics and happenings.
  • Customised Views – the New Facebook Page also allows a number of view options.

The New Facebook Page - a preview

What’s Unclear?

It remains to be seen what would be the final avatar of the Facebook Page when it goes live for the World on 30th March, 2012. A feature like RSS notifications (currently available) is not visible in the New Facebook Page or is it? From the looks of the New Facebook Page, it is difficult to make out if there have been any changes to “Insights”.

But, all in all, the New Facebook Page is a great opportunity for Marketers and Owners alike to add excitement to their existing wares. And this change only underlines the ephemeral nature of Web 2.0 and its omnipresent impact. Watch this space!What is your take on the New Facebook Page? Come on, let’s talk about it.This blog post is brought to you by Inbound Mantra - a Data Driven Inbound Marketing Agency.