The New LinkedIn Profile is another change in a series of changes that LinkedIn has been slowly introducing across its products - LinkedIn Today, LinkedIn Connections and ...Have you seen your or any of your connections' LinkedIn Profile ? It's different, isn't it.Here, we present the Pragmatic Learning take on the New LinkedIn Profile - What's Hot and What's Not ?

New LinkedIn Profile - What's Hot ?

#1 Prominent New LinkedIn Profile Photo

Did you notice the prominent LinkedIn Profile photo that now stands out? This change is superb and underlines the social nature to LinkedIn's professional character. What the New LinkedIn Profile Photo change means to LinkedIn Users? As pointed out in Information Week , you can no longer take your LinkedIn Profile Photo for granted. It has to look good, professional and has to mean business. Slicing out your LinkedIn Profile Photo from a family wedding photo or an office get-together snap may not work.

#2 Highly Visual New LinkedIn Profile Snapshot

The New LinkedIn Profile also sports a quick snapshot, that is highly visual in nature. This is unlike the earlier version that was very texty. So, instead of expanding your past experience, the New LinkedIn Profile displays just the names of your previous employers. Under education, only your highest qualification is displayed unlike ALL qualifications in the previous LinkedIn Profile version.

#3 Strong Call To Action (CTA) with a prominent "Send a message" or "Connect" Button

Unlike the earlier version, "Send a message" or "Connect" now stares right in the face. Earlier, all the various Call to Action buttons were grouped together, thereby confusing any possible action.

New LinkedIn Profile - What's Not ?

#4 Contact Info Button - Very subtle and does not invite action

LinkedIn users have to click on "Contact Info" for establishing a contact. The Contact Info Button is very subtle and thus might miss out on inviting a vital action.

It would have been wonderful if "Contact Info" could have shown an auto preview of the most important contact information. This could have been a phone number / email or website.

#5 New LinkedIn Profile URL - Where do you go?

Clicking on this URL brings the user to the same page again. This redundancy could be avoided.

How are you finding this Avatar of the New LinkedIn Profile? Hot or Not.

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