LinkedIn "contact settings" usually get missed out at the time of LinkedIn profile creation. A quick take on why and how you can take advantage of it.So you have a LinkedIn presence. And you are having good fun connecting with co-workers, ex-colleagues, business partners, alumni and other professional acquaintances. But, have you declared on your LinkedIn Profile, why people should contact you?

LinkedIn gives this opportunity. And most registered users are not taking advantage of it.A powerful and clear declaration from your side sets the context of prospective interaction with people who come across your LinkedIn profile. So, if you are looking for a job or a career change or your first business contract, it makes good sense to let the World know through your LinkedIn profile.Let’s get you going with that declaration.At the bottom of the “Edit Profile” page, is an inconspicuous section called “Contact Preferences”. Click on it to document your declaration. On this new page, in addition to default preferences like career opportunities, business deal etc. you would also see a free text box.This free text box is your chance to score a home run on LinkedIn. Go ahead and declare in a short para your raison d etre for being contacted on LinkedIn. Please ensure that you use keywords in line with your profile so that search engines index it.Declare and see job opportunities and business offers rolling in.Do you have any similar not-so-obvious insights on any other LinkedIn Feature? Come on, let's talk about it.This blog post is brought to you by Inbound Mantra - a Data Driven Inbound Marketing Agency.