How do You look Online ? - Online Reputation Management is Key

Online reputation management is serious business, not to mention its potential given that the world wide web continues to explode. Companies, Celebrities and even Governments are taking increasing cognizance of the need to manage reputation online. Even Individuals are recognizing the importance of managing their online reputation.

The Government of India also woke up to this matter earlier in the year. While their methods of managing online reputation are hardly 21st century – censorship and control – it would have helped if the same social media companies had guided the Government to online reputation management.

As Individuals, our problems are not as magnified as the Government of India. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to be indifferent to one’s online identities. Either you are an employed professional or an entrepreneur, it is important to project a squeaky clean image online and follow up that reputation offline. Job applications have been rejected without personal interviews because of inappropriate online behaviour and mentions. A study by online reputation management website REPPLER indicated that in the US, 69% of social recruiters rejected a candidate because of what they saw about them online.

So, if you are a boss, subordinate, student, politician, mother, father, son, daughter or all of these, and if you are prolific on the internet and social media, it would be prudent to scan your online reputation and fix any untoward happenings.

Reppler is a FREE online reputation management tool that can regularly scan your social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Picasa and others – and send your daily / weekly email reports.

Reppler - Online Reputation Manager


View morePowerPoint fromPragmatic LearningIt also allows you to fix any Security / Privacy Risks that may have crept into your profile. In addition to scanning your online reputation, reppler also provides interesting insights on your activities across social media networks. An important piece of information – reppler takes a good 20 to 30 minutes to scan your social media networks when it is set up for the first time.Pragmatic Learning would continue to research for similar tools so as to provide options to our well-wishers.This blog post is brought to you by Inbound Mantra - a Data Driven Inbound Marketing Agency. 

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