Pin your Photos and Images with Pinterest

Pinterest is an Online virtual pinboard that allows users to pin their favorite paintings, drawings, photos, images according to various themes -- Travel, Cars, Photography and many more -- on the internet.

This sure does sound like a lot of fun for Individuals. But, also, because of its marketing prowess for Businesses, Pinterest is rapidly emerging as a key inbound marketing tool for companies especially those in the online business. Recently there were reports suggesting that Pinterest created inbound traffic for websites more than Google and Facebook combined. So Businesses, see if you can leverage Pinterest for inbound traffic as well.

As part of its endeavor to further Web 2.0 Education , Research and Training, Pragmatic Learning presents a three minute video tutorial to get you started with Pinterest.

ScriptLooking for a smart way to Organise and Share your ImagesPresentingPinterest – An Online virtual pinboard. But what exactly is it?

As a child, don’t you remember how you would pin your favorite paintings, drawings, photos on the wall? Pinterest allows you to do the same according to various themes – Travel, Cars, Photography and many more – but, on the internet.It is recommended that you have a facebook or a twitter account for ease of registration.

In this Video, You will learn o how to get going with Pinterest So, Lets get started!Log on to . Participation is by invitation only. So you could either ask a friend who is already on pinterest. Or better still, click on *request an invite*. The invitation would reach you within 24 hours. Its that simple.Click the invite link you receive and complete your registration. Facebook and twitter accounts can also be used for registration.

After registration, login with your credentials. Here we use a facebook id. This is your pinterest homepage.

It lists the pins contributed by all users you follow.Let’s start adding Pins. Click *Add* . Before adding a PIN, we need to create a board to put the PIN on. Click *Create a Board*. Type the Board name. Select the most appropriate category. You could also add contributors other than yourself.

This is the Pragmatic Learning Board. Now, There are two broad ways to pin images. One – Upload an image from your machine. Select Image, choose board and add a description. The second way is to Pin an image from a website. Enter site URL, choose the Image and Pin it.

To access your pinboards and Pins, hover over your name and click *boards*.So, create all the Pinboards you want and have fun.

Happy Learning and Pinning!This blog post is brought to you by Inbound Mantra - a Data Driven Inbound Marketing Agency.

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