This new kid on the Social Media Marketing playground presents tremendous opportunities for social media marketing companies.

The social media and internet community is going gaga about Pinterest – the online virtual pinboard that is scorching the social media marketing landscape. About a year ago, Pinterest – that allows users to create online scrapbooks of virtually everything using images and videos – was just another site struggling to get traffic. It had only 10,000 users and most of them known (maybe) to the founder – Ben Silbermann.

According to the Wikipedia, development of Pinterest began in December 2009, and the site launched as a closed beta in March 2010. The site is now in open beta and continues to operate on an invitation-only mode. It took Pinterest nine months to reach ten thousand users. But, as they say, that was history.

In February, 2012, the pinterest site had 16 million unique visitors, a 9255% growth on a year on year basis.

The month on month growth numbers clearly indicate that momentum is in favour of pinterest. In just three months, monthly unique visitors have almost quadrupled from 4.5 million in November, 2011 to 16.2 million February, 2012. It has caught the imagination of individuals as well as businesses – online and offline.

Businesses are capitalizing on the potential of Pinterest to generate inbound marketing traffic and convert them into pragmatic leads. The intuitive and simple user interface of Pinterest allows businesses to take advantage with minimal social media training for employees.

Where will Pinterest go from here? Will it be lapped up by Businesses for potent social media marketing? Will pinterest justify the emerging social media noise about being a Facebook killer? Will copyright issues nip its growth? All this remains to be seen. Till then, Happy Pinning and Happy Learning!

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