Introducing Inbound Mantra - Not Just a Social Media Marketing Agency

Inbound Mantra is all about real-life education and learning backed by intensively researched content that is delivered online through short, simple and structured videos.

These videos are high-definition screencasts, upto 3 to 5 minutes in duration, usually delivered online. These short videos would have the following characteristics:-

Screencasts – These short videos would be mostly screencasts where a computer screen would be recorded with voice narration. At times, these screencasts would be combined with physical video and animation, if the explanation of a topic or a subject so demands.

Short 3 to 5 Minute Duration - These videos would not exceed five minutes. A genuine attempt would be done to crunch the topic without compromising the learning objective.

Simple - The objective of Pragmatic Learning’s Videos is to simplify topics and subjects such that they are easily understood.Scripted Professionally – The well-researched content and the learner focus equip us to prepare scripts that click with the audience.

Standalone or part of a Video Series - These videos could be just one single video explaining a particular topic or they may form part of a video series around a particular subject.These videos would serve as valuable learning tools to Individual, Corporate Organisations and Educational Institutions.

Inbound Mantra is confident of its content, research and delivery to drive outcomes.This blog post is brought to you by Inbound Mantra - a Data Driven Inbound Marketing Agency.

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