Sentiment Analysis of TripAdvisor Reviews - Hotel Leela Kempinski Case Study

Where are you holidaying this New Year yuletide time?

If you are an internet and social media junkie, I bet you would have booked hotels for your holiday, only after looking up online hotel reviews. Like it or not, referring to hotel reviews at the time of trip planning has become a habit for travelers. While individual travelers can take a subjective decision based on a few reviews, Hotel General Managers do not have that luxury. The reviews contain valuable insights on customer feedback, customer preferences, personas and even competition. But the unstructured text nature of the reviews makes it challenging to derive those insights. And it is here that Sentiment Analysis comes to the rescue.

First, let us understand the challenges in analyzing these reviews for business insights. The main challenges in analyzing Online Hotel Reviews other than having a full-time team are as under :-

  • Large Number of Reviews - If there were a handful of hotel reviews, reading and understanding them would be easy. But, thanks to TripAdvisor, Twitter and Social Media, the reviews are flying thick and fast.
  • Unstructured Text - Rating is easy for the Hotel Guest, but the real insights are hidden in the text used by the guests. And like all text, it is unstructured and all over the place. Add to it the complexity of human preferences, where one Guest's "Good" may be other's "Fair". Oh yes, did I mention spelling mistakes and prejudices? So, how does a Hotel General Manager rationalize all this to derive business insights?
  • Love them, hate them, but you cannot ignore them - The bad news, your prospects and customers are studying these reviews before checking in. How can you not take cognizance?

In comes, Sentiment Analysis.

Sentiment Analysis - The Case Study of Hotel Leela Kempinski Gurgaon

For the year 2012, we analyzed the latest 100 reviews of Hotel Leela Kempinski Gurgaon on TripAdvisor.

The methodology, analysis and findings of the Sentiment Analysis are presented meticulously in the appended brief presentation titled - Hotel Leela Kempinski Gurgaon | Voice of Customer 2012

Thanks to powerful Sentiment Analysis tools, it is now possible for Hotels and their General Managers to leverage the power of Text and Sentiment Analysi               

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