Social Media for Hotels - Four Points on Pinterest

The graphic nature of the Pinterest Social Media platform finds natural application in the context of hotels. But, what should hotels keep in mind before using it for social media marketing? In 2012, two topics in Social Media have grabbed all the headlines. The impending blockbuster Facebook IPO and Pinterest – the online virtual pinboarding platform. Pinterest upstaged entrenched social networks like LinkedIn and Tumblr to emerge No. 3 behind twitter and facebook. What value can Hotels extract from Pinterest ? Pinterest - A new approach to Social Media Marketing for Hotels. It is recommended that hotels – hotels chains and standalone properties - take into cognizance the following FOUR points while considering including Pinterest in its portfolio of Social Media for Hotels

1) Showcase Personality, Lifestyle, Cuisine and Uniqueness“A picture is worth a thousand words” goes an old adage. The Pinterest Social Media platform is intensely visual with photos and videos. Most hotels and resorts, owing to their exotic locations, stunning design and architecture can exploit this opportunity to broadcast their best visual content. These images can showcase Uniqueness of the Hotel, Signature Cuisine, relate to the Personality and Lifestyle of the Visitors.

2) Hotels on Pinterest - Early Mover AdvantageWhile almost all hotels have climbed onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube (mostly for me too reasons) it is still early days for Pinterest. But, with month on month growth of 50% (year on year 10000 % growth), the momentum is clearly in its favour. Hotels could exploit this trend to get found on the internet.

3) A new Vista to Foreign VisitorsPinterest is building traction in the US market exhibiting stunning growth rates as mentioned above. Therefore, not only US hotels can use Pinterest to connect with customers, even hotels in other continents that have foreign US visitors could take advantage. This also differentiates the hotel from the competition by presenting a savvy “social media for hotelsapproach.

4) Branding, Communication and Engagement – Business Case on Pinterest Use for HotelsThe business case on Pinterest for Hotels is too early to call. An exercise by Milestone covering four different categories of hotels isn’t conclusive about any correlation between pinterest usage and hotel revenues. This study also rightly points out that Pinterest from a marketing perspective is still an experiment.We would revisit the subject of Business Case of Pinterest for Hotels through a dedicated blog post. This blog post is brought to you by Inbound Mantra - a Data Driven Inbound Marketing Agency.

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