SalesInsideInc is a proud HubSpot user since November 2010. Trusting HubSpot since the very beginning. Huh?They did a detailed analysis of the data provided by some of the known data vendors like - InsideView, Lead411, and ZoomInfo.The results from the analysis were surprising - Data Vendors were not even providing 1 contact/company on an average. Arvind, (Founder, SalesInside) decided to blog about it and came up with - Unarmed in the Marketing Battlefield.We as inbound marketers wanted to present the tabular data in a more appealing and visual form. Hence, decided to do an infographic.This infographic brings out the key message of data coverage, vividly.Here are the highlights -

  • A Catchy Heading
  • Data Coverage shown in circles
  • 3 different representations of all the 3 data sets

The color palette for the infographic was created with colors taken from the SalesInside's website. Contrast of colors has been created to maintain a strong visual appeal. All elements of the infographic were consciously composed for a balanced visual appearance.

The Data Coverage Infographic

This infographic has been repurposed for an entry into the HubSpot Impact Awards with due permission of SalesInside.