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Inside Sales Box (an Inbound Mantra HubSpot Client) was covered by Forbes in October 2015 as one of the hottest cloud based startups, based on a detailed research done by Mattermark. While the Forbes article by Louis Columbus covered just 5 companies, the detailed report by Mattermark covered more than 30 companies with more insightful details and that was the perfect opportunity for an infographic. The infographic depicts the complete Mattermark spreadsheet and also adds interesting details on -

  • Mattermark Score - A growth score provided by Mattermark according to their research.
  • Business Segments -  Most of the startups were from Analytics and just 3 from Inside Sales
  • Funding Raised - Just 1 Series A funding raised in 2015 and that was by Inside Sales Box
  • Locations - Most of them are US based

Everybody knows the power of an infograhic and hence we planned to leverage it through strategic promotion. The founders of all the mentioned startups were sent a copy of the inforgraphic through emails and twitter.

The color palette for infographic was created with the colors taken from the Inside Sales Box website. Information hierarchy was created by using different weights of the same typeface as per the importance of the content. Contrast of colors have been created to maintain strong visual appeal. Relevant visuals were added in each section to represent it. All the elements in the infographic were consciously composed for a balanced visual appearance.

To keep the focus on the infographic, a bottom of the blog CTA was skipped. A sly slide-in CTA was used that was timed to appear towards the end of the infographic.


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