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Do you think organic traffic is good?I think it is priceless.Let me tell you why.Organic traffic is great, there's no debate. A good influx of organic traffic is the best thing that can happen to your business. It's a gift that keeps on giving and all you need to do is create a web page. Let me present a quantitative argument on this subject. To bring 100 visitors on your site, you can run a $350 LinkedIn campaign for 20 qualified visitors, $200 Facebook campaign and $50 Twitter campaign for 40 unqualified visitors, $200 on Email campaign for another 20 visitors and rest 20 come from Ad words.The same number of highly qualified visitors can be attracted by publishing a modest web page with a bit of SEO. This is the beauty of organic traffic. It's like the unconditional love provided by your parents, all you need to do to receive it, is to exist.That's not all. The capital saved on the paid campaigns can now be invested in your product and will also help increase your profit margins. This makes the organic strategy, the easiest and the most affordable way to attract future customers. What's not to love about it!

The reasons web businesses love organic traffic is straightforward.

  • Free Traffic
  • Ranking high on Google Search Results
  • Visibility

The above is a good list. But what truly excites me is, none of the above. There is a deeper reason. I will explain.

Have you been following the quarterly results of IT behemoths - Infosys, TCS and Wipro? All of them have been struggling to meet their quarterly guidance. Though they have revised their guidance, does the market really believe it? It is possible that the IT Giants meet or beat their new guidance.

This brings us to to the importance of predictability in business. Predictability is not just rewarded by investors, it is respected.And that's where organic traffic creates magic. The best thing about organic traffic is the fact it provides Predictability, backed by data. Predictability might seem like a simple advantage, but it is much more. Predictability provokes assurance.A business owner can be assured that his company will sustain with the monthly leads received and focus on growth, a new blogger can be assured about the money he'll make from visitors to his site and buy the things he can't afford and a big company could be assured about the effort they'll need to reach their target and plan accordingly.This predictability gives businesses a sigh of relief and assures them that their business will be alright.This assurance is same for all the big and the small, the giants and the underdogs. If you're doing SEO you will receive organic traffic no matter what.So if your SEO is right, take a deep breath because organic traffic has got you covered.

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