Ever had a lethal marketing cocktail ?Marketers today need to have a ready tool stack they can depend on for various needs like, instant landing pages and email campaigns.Just like you can't mix anything and call it a cocktail, similar is the case with marketing tools. It is very important to have tools, which integrates and functions as one unit.One of our client uses Unbounce for building landing pages.Let's find out what happened when we mixed Unbounce and Google Analytics. Being new to Unbounce, we were excited.  This excitement led to a lot of explorations and failed experiments.One of which was unsuccessful goal tracking in GA.Don't you do the same with cocktails? Mixing and Experimenting?The High (Pain)For four different offers (landing pages), we decided to keep only one thank you page. Landing pages were built on Unbounce and thank you page on Wordpress.Every form-fill on the landing page completed 4 goals in google analytics.Reason?Probably, the URL of the landing page on Unbounce was not being recognised as a part of the website by google analytics.

Were the Proportions Right?

This is what our goal setup looks like.


Support and Advice from Fellow Drinkers

After getting our goal setup verified by a couple of google analytics experts, we raised a ticket on Unbounce. The first response was prompt and they asked for a read-only access.Post a couple of follow up emails and re-opening the closed ticket, we finally had a response.


Lemon and Coffee (Our Attempts)

The suggestion didn't really work like it should have, but we still wanted to crack it.After taking suggestions and views from team members, we decided to treat the landing page URL separately, similar to the case of sub-domains.Don't know about it?Here is the setup.


The results were not at all encouraging. This time the goals didn't even get tracked.We even tried to address this issue through Google Tag Manager by neglecting the thank you page, but to our dismay.Read more about this method.

Hangover Still Strong

It's been over 2 months now, we are still at it and looking for ways which could fix it. A glimmer of hope is Heap Analytics, but it is still a work in progress (from our side).Till then, we have to live with quadruple goal completions.Do let us know if you have a solution to our problem through comments. Happy to get in touch.

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