What is Inbound Marketing ?

Prospective Customers are increasingly using the Internet and Social Media for making buying decisions. In comes "Inbound Marketing" - a pull strategy to attract interested customers , a perfect B2C and B2B Lead Generation program.What did you buy recently? Was it a mobile phone, a laptop, an insurance policy, a car or a summer holiday package for the family?Chances are you must have thoroughly researched about them on the internet, taken feedback from friends on facebook and twitter, before you finally bought the product or service in question. This is a classic case of Inbound Marketing, where a prospective customer makes a “BUY” decision by consuming insightful information. This is in complete contrast to traditional outbound marketing where advertisements by marketers – print, TV, Ads - seek to generate interest in prospective buyers. Inbound Marketing works best in the case of discretionary products and services, where either the ticket value is high or the product / service is difficult to understand.What is Inbound Marketing? How should Marketers go about Inbound Marketing ?According to the Wikipedia, Inbound Marketing or Permission Marketing is based on the concept of earning the attention of prospects, making yourself easy to be found and drawing customers to your website by producing content that customer’s value.

Inbound marketing consists of three phases:

1] Get Found

Here, the objective is to Increase traffic and visits to the Website by getting found on the Internet. This step is a function of good quality content. Content is indeed “King”. And it is not just about creating content, creating content is just one of the steps. The sequence of steps is as under:

  • Create
  • Optimize
  • Promote (through organic ways like Social Media rather than paid methods like display or banner ads)

The areas impacted are the Website, the Business Blog and Social Media.

2] Convert

Here, the objective is to convert the attracted Traffic into sales-ready leads through lead nurturing. This is achieved through a combination of offers, call-to-action and landing pages.

3] Analyze

Here, continuous and methodical analysis of the above activities is undertaken. Given the dynamic nature of the internet and social media, it is indispensable to figure out what is working and what isn’t and that too really quickly.Both, B2c and B2B Lead Generation programs can be driven using this approach. Any marketer considering Inbound Marketing as part of an overall Marketing Plan needs to undertake the above steps systematically for maximum effectiveness. Inadvertant focus on just one or two areas would produce sub-optimal results in B2C and B2B Lead Generation and Sales.

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