Will AI save marketing and marketers?

I am old. But when it comes to marketing, I am fairly young.Some of my senior industry colleagues tell me that marketing used to be 'simple'. I sense they were talking 'last century marketing'. I envy them. For I never did any of that 'last century marketing'. My marketing troubles are very recent. 2011 onwards, to be precise.Doing one big bang campaign in a year must have been super fun. Escaping to the Himalayas and thinking about how a brand's customers would want to desire a product, and coming up with a potential Cannes Gold Lion, would have been a lot of work. Ironically, it would not mean much, if the campaign would have been a 'dud'. (I am now wondering if there is a campaign success ratio published for traditional marketing campaigns?)Today, owing to digital ad platforms being high on measurement, it is possible to get some 'Sense of the Customer' of what may be working. It is not perfect though.

Sense of the Customer

Is your customer 'black' or 'white'?Our customers and those of our clients are various 'shades of grey'. And they keep changing all the time. It is an overwhelming and Himalayan task to figure out,

  • What they want?
  • What appeals to them?
  • What messaging prompts them to action?

Us B2B Marketers will attempt a few campaigns to figure out the above. In my experience of doing inbound marketing campaigns over the last six years, you have to be 'born lucky' to get success in your first few attempts. Continuous campaigns over a 6 month period is a conservative estimate, before a marketer can be expected to shake things up. If you ask me, it is completely a function of the number of campaigns and the depth of analysis. Did I hear someone say 'Budget'?As humans, we can only do enough in terms of the number of campaigns. Wish we could do 100 campaigns, all at the same time. And also analyse all hundred of them on a real-time basis. That would give us superhuman capabilities to really get a sense of the customer.

The Overworked Marketer

You know what all the above, means for a marketer. Campaigns and analysis across a number of channels. And if you are managing a team that is entrusted this this, you also have the added responsibility of coaching them and guiding them.I would love if someone could take that load away. Wish I had a twin?There are more reasons why I am excited about AI in marketing and its power to impact.These two, are top-of-the-mind.

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