Our Experience With HubSpot Growth Driven Design

As a designer, I am constantly trying to find new ways to improve my skills. So one day I just thought about what should I be doing to enhance my website designing skills for corporate business. I was completely confused, and then I chanced upon the HubSpot course Growth Driven Design(GDD).

In the era of smartphones, smart TVs, and smart appliances, why do we design for websites that are static and generic? Isn’t it time that we apply smart technology to the way we design a website? Thankfully, there is a solution. Growth Driven Design is a way to make your website smarter, it gives your website the flexibility to adapt to users and deliver a more personalized experience.

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Can a new website rank for category keywords within a month?

brand new website ranking for category keywords

If you thought ‘No’, you would find this post interesting.

Inbound Mantra kicked off a brand new assignment, about a month ago.

The assignment is in line with what we do best. A SaaS product company with a focus on the US market; was looking to leverage inbound marketing to add a new avenue to revenue growth.

SEO search is a key channel for consistent inbound marketing traffic. Since, we were just starting off, the assumption was that “SEO would take some time”.

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Meet The Team | Inbound Mantra

With various team videos that have recently gotten viral, we were looking to give you a snippet of the Inbound life! So we decided that it’s time for you all to get to know the team a little better. Taking the initiative, I decided to make the “Meet The Team” video and here’s how it turned out:

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6 Kick-Ass font Combinations for any SAAS Website

Ever got stuck while choosing the best font combinations for your website design project?

After working for almost three months on a Hubspot Marketplace template and learning a whole lot of new things, I finally managed to crack this basic yet very difficult element of any design project.

In these 3 months, I also had to involve my colleague Rahul Rathi, as we went about finalizing some options. It was a very confusing week to 10 days. If you are a designer, I need not explain how frustrating it was. It was a toil of over a week encompassing over about 50 designer hours. And all this is being offered here in this write-up for you to consume in just under 6 minutes. See, you were born lucky!!!

So here are the 6 best combinations and specification for you your next SAAS Website:

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Gif Goof Gaffe

Gifs in email marekting

You wouldn’t believe how our first email marketing design change in years turned out!

As a child who grew up in the age of Harry Potter, my fascination with magic is very real. When Hagrid gave Harry the handbound album of pictures from his childhood, I just couldn’t hold back my tears. The sheer beauty of a moving image, shorter than a full video but more weighty than a picture was astounding to witness!

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The Inbound Marketing SEO Prize

inbound marketing seo prize

What is the allure of Rank No.1 on Google?

It is a coveted prize.

Ask someone whose business runs on the Google No. 1 position.

Why do people want to come first for a keyword?

The keywords businesses wish to rank for, represent the very essence of their company. They want to rank for them simply because the people searching for these keywords, have a latent desire to do business with them.

They are surely quality leads and perhaps, customers.

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When inbound marketing leads unsubscribe

inbound marketing leads unsubscribe

I love inbound marketing leads. Do you?

It is a wonderful feeling when a prospect reaches out to you. Isn’t it?

They would have, out of love or necessity, filled out a form on your website and given out all details. Details – they would only share with trusted ones. They have expressed their desire to bond with you.

Now they are on your mailing list. They start receiving receiving your handcraft newsletters. Sometimes they open. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they even click.

Then one fine day. They “unsubscribe”.

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ajax spas crawler

Single Page Applications or SPAs have been the talk of the town in web development world. Even major tech giants like Google and Facebook have jumped in and open sourced their frameworks- Angular JS and React JS. And if you look at Github you see SPA frameworks are one of the most starred repos. React has 75k stars, VueJS has 66k and Angular has 57k.

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Principles of Mobile Web Design

Principles of Mobile Web Design

Nowadays, the majority of users visit online platforms by using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. In case you missed it, we now live in a mobile-dominant world. Google reported that 52% of search traffic and almost half of shopping traffic comes from mobile devices and according to a survey conducted by Adobe reported that about 50 percent of marketers do not have their websites optimized for mobile devices.

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How to increase HubSpot COS Page Speed

A recent client who was Hubspot hosted had an abysmal page speed and was, therefore, losing out on SEO. I optimized the website to increase its loading speed and also I did some optimization to increase page speed in HubSpot. So there are a few tips that I can offer to those wishing to soup up their page speed. Read on for those!

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