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7 years of Inbound Mantra

7 years inbound mantra

“It feels like yesterday.”

Cliche, but sums up perfectly.

The day I left a corporate career for good,  is still very vivid for me.  That eventful evening in 2011, I returned home from work, just like any other day. As I lay resting on the sofa, ‘gingerly’ wondering how tomorrow would be, my daughter came around and asked me in a puzzling tone, “Papa, how come you are so early today?”

My daughter was about five and a half years then.

I replied, “I won’t be going to office anymore. I will work from home for a while before going to an office again. Are you ok with that?”

“Papa, you can always use my room as your office,” she said.

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Taking that extra steps for clients is key

extra step for clients for an inbound marketing growthagency

It was really only a few months ago that I heard the term “inbound marketing”. With a chemical engineering background and most of my prior work experience in labs, I hadn’t ever delved into the world of inbound marketing.

On the day of my interview at Inbound Mantra I heard someone say , “Client se pyaar karna seekho“, which translates to “Learn to love your client”. In the coming weeks I learnt new concepts, tricks, tools and so much more, all with the goal of helping the client.

When a lead approaches us, one of the very first steps at Inbound Mantra is to do a comprehensive inbound potential analysis. The goal of this is to primarily determine if we can help the customer achieve their goals and a ROI. Why this comprehensive analysis when you can just convert the lead to a customer simply by telling them YOU CAN?

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Next page to go? Apriori will know

Ever wondered how some of your favorite shopping sites already know what you like? Curious how some of your most wanted items pop everywhere while you browse on social media? Well, that is the power of AI, specifically recommendation system. Every now and then I am put to relief by recommendations, they barely let me forget. Moreover, they even suggest better options without getting lost in the pool of items in different categories with different names, quality, brands, a little overwhelming too!

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Unimportance of design in a B2B SaaS Homepage

Importance of design in B2B SaaS Homepage

Have you ever thought about the ways of designing a B2B SaaS website? Have you ever pondered upon impact it might create on your users? Are there any key elements which can convert your B2B website from zero to hero and bring you conversions which you could have only imagined? This article will help you in understanding how you must approach a B2B SaaS home page.

So whether you are a developer or a designer or even a product manager, this article has something for everyone! So let us get started.

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Predictive analytics and privacy, the moral enemies?

Predictive analytics and privacy, the moral enemies

Predictive analytics is a subset of data. Data is the very essence of what we care about. Personal data is not equal to a person, it’s much better. It weighs nothing, takes no space and lasts forever. Data about a person is not as valuable as the person but it’s cheaper to manage and hence a better investment.

The fact that data is perceived as dangerous speaks to its power, if it were weak, it wouldn’t be a threat

One of the top five health insurance companies is trying to predict if an elderly insurance policyholder will pass away in the next 18 months, based on the patient’s recent medical claims. This seems dubious at first but it gives so much power to these companies.

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1700% growth in Customers using 12 keywords


Hippo CMMS grew customers by 1700% in the first half of 2018 from Organic Search. Inbound Mantra could not have been more excited to be a part of this journey. Here is their inbound marketing growth story.

Hippo CMMS is a leading maintenance management software (cloud-based) that provides simple solutions for different aspects of maintenance management including but not limited to work order management, preventive maintenance, equipment management, CMMS Software and inventory management. Based in Canada, it is the simplicity and ease of use of the the Hippo CMMS’ software that has helped it acquire customers – big and small – throughout the world.

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Structured Data Schemas, Do We Need Them?


What are Web Schemas?

Web Schemas are basically a structured framework or plan, an outline for a website. Web schemas help search engines and other machines understand the content better which we refer to as Structured Data.

In official words:
“ is a collaborative, community activity with a mission to create, maintain, and promote schemas for structured data on the Internet, on web pages, in email messages, and beyond. Many applications from Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, Yandex and others already use Vocabularies to power rich, extensible experience (eg. rich snippets).”


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5 Libraries a HubSpot COS Developer should use

5 Libraries for HubSpot COS Developers

If you are a HubSpot COS Developer, you just got lucky.

I recently did the COS work for a “Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Advisory” company in which I used some new “Libraries”. I had super fun playing with them. I am excited to share with all of you these “Libraries”.

There are 5 such libraries that you may find useful. Not just HubSpot COS developers, even web developers working on other CMS’ can also take advantage.

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Saasy marketer, is that you?

saas inbound marketing agency bond

This summer, my 2 year old joined pre-school.

What fun, right?

One of his pet nursery rhymes seems to be, ‘Chubby cheeks, dimple chin….. ‘.

No problem, if you have forgotten. Here it is.

He is still some time away from reciting it, but his excitement – palpable and infectious.

And as we reach, ‘… Teacher’s pet, is that you …’, his excitement peaks with Yes Yes Yes. And he would flap his arms all around.

I get the same emotion …Yes Yes Yes… when Inbound Mantra is asked if it is a saas inbound marketing agency. We love SaaS unequivocally. Ok, we do inbound marketing for other sectors as well. It is with SaaS that we truly deliver and thrive while doing it. We enjoy it.

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Unleashing AI on SEO, predict google rankings with a click

Will I ever rank in top 5 on google? Can someone predict google rankings for me?

What if someone could answer these questions for you? What if even before writing your next blog, someone could tell you that your page will never rank for a keyword? But, who could be this someone?

Actually, no one but a machine, an AI-based algorithm!

SEO has matured and so has AI, so why not take advantage of this ai with seo combination to find answers to one of the most and long-awaited questions in digital marketing “Can you tell me will my page rank for a keyword in the top 5 on google, well in advance? If not, what changes should I make?”

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