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Mobile First Design- A better Approach for Designers

Mobile first design

Recently I got a redesigning project of an app screen for our Client Appland. The time I saw their original design, I was planning on what all we can incorporate to make the user experience unique but at the same time relevant to the brief. So my team and I planned to design the tab side first while leaving the mobile part as a secondary goal that gets accomplished later. But this time, our client asked for a mobile first design. This was unusual from all the UI/UX projects I have worked on.

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HubSpot and Inbound Mantra Partnership

HubSpot and Inbound Mantra Partnership

Recently HubSpot has been doing a lot of activities.  From the Partner Advisory Council to the announcement of Partners day, 2018.

Inbound Mantra has been at a peak with these activities coming up. Our Founder Rajagopalan was nominated for the Partner Advisory Council and HubSpot also did a case study on Inbound Mantra, you can read it here.

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HubSpot SEO without the Keyword Tool?

HubSot SEO without keyword tool

When I decided to take up Digital Marketing I knew my affinities would draw me to the content and strategizing side of things. But little did I know that I would be introduced to the confusing but invigorating world of SEO too!

While SEO seems like a beast that needs to be tamed, Inbound Mantra has it down to a science.

To begin with, we do a comprehensive Keyword Research and then move on to building plans about our hero keywords, but how do we zero in on these keywords?

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Your SEO Strategy is missing HERO keywords

Hero Keywords SEO

Are you an inbound marketer?

If Yes, then the term “Keyword” becomes like a daily word which you use.

How well do you know your keywords?

Doesn’t it amaze you how google shows website results completely relevant to your search terms?

Keywords are like pillars which provide strength to your online presence. And they also have a dollar value attached to them.

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4 Ways to Build a Strong Brand With Inbound Marketing

A strong Brand with Inbound Marketing

With the Internet making it easy for all business to enter the digital world and compete for customers, inbound marketing became a huge deal. Today, inbound marketers can help you build a strong brand by incorporating a plethora of methods.

I know that this can sound too easy, but it is quite the contrary. Building a strong brand online is like putting brick by brick on a carefully planned construction project, and gluing them together with inbound marketing.

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HubSpot is damn Expensive

HubSpot pricing ROI

“HubSpot is damn expensive.”

I hear that all the time.

Not just from prospective buyers, but also from the larger part of the inbound marketing ecosystem.

This view has not changed much since the time Inbound Mantra became a HubSpot Partner in 2014.

This market view on HubSpot pricing has become strong enough to impact even the HubSpot management team’s view. In all my conversations at various levels within the HubSpot management, this topic on ‘HubSpot Pricing’ almost always pops up.

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HubSpot Partner Advisory Council Nomination

hubspot partner advisory council

Inbound Mantra has been nominated to the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council (PAC).

We owe it to the thoughtfulness of the APAC team in HubSpot who have supported us in spreading the message of inbound marketing in India.

The PAC will work hand in hand with HubSpot to solve complex problems as we grow and scale the program globally. The PAC will help drive conversation that encourages other partners to collaborate and learn from each other. The advisory council is to consist of a maximum of 15 members.

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Why choose HubSpot Email Automation?

hubspot email automation

How much time would it take to send personalized emails to your entire subscriber list individually?

A lot… Maybe hours or even days.

This is when Email Automation comes to the rescue!

With email automation, you can send personalized emails to your entire contact list in a single shot. Email automation not only makes the work less painful but it also segments your contact list so that you can send a particular email only to the relevant contacts.

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Smash Quotas with the HubSpot Sales Software

HubSpot Sales Software

Do you do sales?

If yes, then you do emails, referrals, contact database, WhatsApp chat, Inbound Leads, website chat, Linkedin in connections and the list goes on…… Oh, life is screwed up!

But there are a lot of things which you do in the backend which becomes counterproductive to get to that Golden Number at the end of the month. I know you must be wishing for something which can help you at this. You are lucky that HubSpot sales is there to help you to be more productive and closing fast.

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Does Your Business Need HubSpot Marketing Automation?

marketing automation software

There comes a time when your business starts to get more leads than it can handle. When it gets tough to nurture leads across multiple channels, some leads are bound to slip due to various reasons like lack of attention to important leads, lack of personalization etc. That’s when every marketer thinks, what if they had an extra pair of hands to help them with this.

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