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Duplicate Content is full of myths


Will google ban my page if I duplicate someone else’s content?

Myths like these induce fear in the hearts of marketers whose aim might be to only publish the best content for their audience. There are forum posts, Reddit threads, technical audits, tools, and even SEO news websites that are putting up articles that show people clearly don’t understand how Google treats duplicate content. They tend to ignore Googles’ guidelines on Duplicate content. But, firstly we should know about what exactly do people mean by duplicate content.

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is content that appears on the internet in more than one place. That “one place” is defined as a location with a unique website address – so, if the same content appears at more than one web address, you’ve got duplicate content.

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Two Things 2019

inbound marketing 2019 two things key

Last new year’s eve, I had taken time off.

It was fun. I will never forget. Standing soaked in the rain with family and rest of the humanity at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. 2002 in Mumbai at Marine Drive was one other New Year welcome, I remember witnessing.

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How To Do It Right : Demand generation And Brand Building For SaaS

Just a couple of weeks ago we were making lead and traffic demand generation projections for 2019 for one of our inbound marketing clients which is a SaaS company. While we were very excited for the optimistic goals we were setting up for ourselves next year, a critical question struck us. Can you guess what that question could have been? We, in fact, threw a similar question at you in one of our recent blogs: Inbound Marketing Hacks for 2019.

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Is a pricing page right for your SaaS business?

saas pricing page

I am sitting at my desk, having a cup of coffee, preparing for our fortnightly google hangouts meeting with one of our clients. I look up at the clock, its already 4 PM. The meeting is at 5 PM. Fortunately, the client calls and tells us they’ll be half an hour late. I take a deep breath, a ray of hope to prepare better. Why did I need to prepare better? Today we as an Inbound Marketing Agency were putting a strong case for our client to have a pricing page on their SaaS website. I initiated the idea so I had to own the debate. I take time preparing for my case. Studying resources and articles over what would be best for the client.

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Inbound Marketing hacks for 2019


Avengers, Black Panther, Deadpool 2, Incredibles 2 (14 years later), a football world cup, a royal wedding, 2018 was huge! But what did that mean for us marketers? Well, more movies and more football obviously! But no seriously, as someone that has been an inbound marketer for just under a year, there’s so much I learnt – the good, the bad, the ugly.

I’m going to attempt to summarize some of my biggest learnings from 2018 in the hope that we can use some of these to make 2019 better and bigger!

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When AI learned to design

Have you ever wondered ”Can we really easily complete the design part of a product or marketing collaterals without including the designers?”

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Is Hubspot’s lead scoring really predictive?

With ever-increasing startups & businesses around the globe, the B2B market is in its prime time. What it also means for the companies is that the significant increase in their so-called “prospects” is just an increase of noise, supported by the fact that the conversion rate in the SaaS space is just at 12%

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Forms Suck !!! Ideas to better the ‘Form’ User Experience

The User Experience of forms (or UX forms) is the process of enhancing the user’s satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of interactions with these forms.

These days, forms are present on almost every website. We all have come across them, be it before purchasing items, signing up for subscriptions, social networking or joining a discussion forum. It’s hardly an overstatement that they’re an indispensable element for information sharing today.

As a UI & UX designer, my job is to make complex SaaS websites easier to understand by making it interactive and user-friendly. It was after I started working that I realized UX Website Design has a lot more to it. The designing & development team at our workplace is focused on enhancing visual details, which mostly include the functional elements.

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How to make easy page development zone for marketers – kitchen sink!

Within HubSpot, we have come up with a great idea in which marketers can independently create web pages and landing pages without the help of the developers. This is in the form of drag and drop which can be called kitchen sink, as seen in the below image. HubSpot COS Design manager ( Beta Version ) has some great improvements in the custom module ( also adding the individual CSS and JS), so marketers can easily make it.

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Have you taken a trip lately-to your buyer’s mind?

psychology in inbound marketing strategy

I try and avoid the amount of sugar I put in my body. But that doesn’t stop me from spending hours and hours just browsing the various dessert options I could get delivered at the most ungodly hours. Most times I save them in my cart and forget about them (takes everything I have). But then there’s days when that food delivery app I use sends a notification with that blueberry cheesecake, with the caption “Your cheat meal is due now at 50% off!”(I know right!!).

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