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6 things to look for in an inbound marketing agency

Today, almost all forward-looking company’s have invested a considerable portion of their marketing budgets in inbound marketing. It’s a way of creating educational assets and marketing strategies to benefit the consumer and in turn getting business by proving your expertise to them. Lets delve deep into what to look for in an inbound marketing agency.

The benefits of inbound are out there. Companies have made millions if not billions just by monetizing their inbound marketing strategies. This has created a rise of inbound marketing agencies all over the world leaving hundreds of options to the consumers of this service. However, before you go off on a search for an inbound marketing agency to work with, you may want to hold your brakes (what! why?). There’s a good number of agencies out there yes, but not all of them will offer what they claim.

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Are your web forms missing a step?

Increase conversions with multi-step forms

Any savvy inbound marketer knows that after putting all the hard work and sweat to get visitors to your landing page, the next big step is to get them to convert and become leads for your company. When they finally reach your landing page, the last thing you want to do is scare them away with an unfriendly and intimidating form experience. A long form with a bulk of questions can make a user feel fatigued and frustrated.

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Is Fancy Design, Required in Business?

People are full of creativity and the world is full of such creative people. With advancements in technology, the gap between a designer’s thought and his/her output has been considerably narrowed. This has led to an increase in the competition among designers which is healthy but has also resulted in design creations which might be too technical (for art) or too complex (for business).

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Some questions to ask before the Content Staging in HubSpot COS

Some questions to ask before the Content Staging

Content Staging is a development environment that allows you to redesign or create staged pages, before publishing them to your production site. Content Staging is available in HubSpot accounts as a website add-on (Site Pages).

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How to migrate your blog from HubSpot to WordPress

So, today we’ll learn how to migrate your blogs from HubSpot to WordPress with a click.

Depending on the size, page load speed, scope, and goals of your website you can migrate from HubSpot to WordPress. The pages of the old website can be easily added manually to the WordPress theme, but due to a large number of blogs, we can not put the content manually. So, we have come up with an out-of-box way to do this, which will make it very easy.

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My INBOUND debut : What I un-learnt

As a kid, I was always in awe of how my dad had the answer to everything. Math, my physics projects, action movies, sports, pictionary, Taylor Swift songs (sorry Dad), he knew it all. I used to wonder how it was possible for someone to have such a vast array of knowledge in so many different fields. When I asked all he used say was ,”Start reading”. At the time I used think yeah right, like I can read about all of this stuff, but cut short to today I realized that apparently I can!

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Word of Mouth Marketing Using Inbound Techniques

What is the first thing you do when you want to try a new restaurant for dinner or you want to switch to a new smartphone? You probably ask your friends and family for recommendations or check ratings and reviews on trusted sites and apps. Some of you might even open your favourite tech enthusiast’s Youtube channel and see what product is recommended by them. All of these are in fact examples of Word of Mouth Marketing(WoMM).

According to Nielsen :

  • 92% of consumers trust suggestions and recommendations from friends and family more than advertisements.
  • 88% of people believe online reviews written by other consumers.
  • 74% of consumers accept word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions

With such jaw-dropping stats, it’s not a smart decision to neglect the importance of user ratings, reviews and recommendations.

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Growing Your Business With A Right COLOR

Do you ever wonder that how colors can affect our choices, our mood, our likes and dislikes! It seems to be very simple. But after exploring this, I realized this field has much more to say. Significance of each and every color is not just in terms of words rather it always convey much deeper meaning.

93% of purchase decisions in real time are based on colors and visual appearance of the product/brand hence choosing the right set of colors is paramount for your business be it for your website, logo, or even product packaging. Your business gets associated with the colors you choose and hence the right set of colors will take your business to new horizons as colors are the one of the most-remembered elements of your brand and can make a big impact on how it is perceived.

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Keyword in title or H1?

keyword in page title or H1

When you SEO a webpage, where do you place the target keyword?

Page title? Or the article heading i.e. H1? Or do you keep both same?

We prefer to keep both same. Only at times, when we wish to take a creative spin on the the article heading, do we keep page title and H1 different.

Since SEO is the cornerstone of any inbound marketing strategy, we decided to investigate what our colleagues in the webosphere were doing.

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3 models to engage an inbound marketing agency

3 inbound marketing agency engagement models

I come from a management consulting background.

No wonder I like ambiguity.

Inbound marketing isn’t different.

Unfortunately, the buy side is unable to see inbound marketing in the same light. Therefore, defined engagement models are necessary to set clear expectations and pricing.

When Inbound Mantra was a newbie (we still are), all engagement models were custom. ‘Scope creep’ was a constant problem. But, over a period of time, thanks to demanding clients and our increasing understanding of the market, we have been able to structure 3 models of engagement. These 3 models have successfully encouraged our clients to think clearly about their objectives.

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