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Three Ways You can Use Twitter for your MBA Summer Project

mba project this summer twitter

Students taking on corporate careers either full-time or for summer projects can make proactive use of the micro-blogging tool Twitter to begin orienting into their new roles.

The MBA summer project is just a week away. Understandably, B-School students would have completely brushed up on the technical details in preparation for the project. But what about the Social aspect of the Summer Project and in particular the opportunity to orient into the organisation using social media, even before stepping into it? Have you given it a thought?

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Samajwadi Party also Wins the Social Media Wall

social media wall

Samajwadi Party had the best Social Media outlook in terms of presence and communication amongst all the political parties in the recently concluded State Elections in India. And Yes, Samajwadi Party won at the hustings in India’s most populous state – Uttar Pradesh.

The recently concluded State Elections in India have grabbed ALL the headlines. Even we fell for it. Given our vocation, we looked only for Web 2.0 and Social Media in the headline. And boy, were we not pleasantly surprised.
It was natural for us to expect that most political parties would score a naught when it came to Social Media.

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Six Features of The New Facebook Page You should know

The New Facebook Page

Facebook – The Social Networking Giant – has released the New Facebook Page. On the face of it, it appears as a significant improvement especially with the direct messaging feature and a convenient Admin Panel.

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Klout : Measure your influence on social networks

Do you know that using Klout you can measure your influence on all your social media marketing services . The Klout Score is a measure of how often you create content or influence others. Let us go through a quick overview of this tool.

Klout has tried to position itself as the “Standard of Influence“. With so many social networks emerging, Klout has tried to come out as a tool to measure whether your social network’s influence is apt or not.

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Pin your Photos and Images with Pinterest

Pinterest is an Online virtual pinboard that allows users to pin their favorite paintings, drawings, photos, images according to various themes — Travel, Cars, Photography and many more — on the internet.

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Need to show off your designing skills – Try Dribbble

Are you a designer and looking for a platform to show off your designs and applications? If yes, then Dribbble is the place for you. In plain words, “Dribbble is show and tell for designers”

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One LinkedIn Feature You shouldn’t Ignore

LinkedIn “contact settings” usually get missed out at the time of LinkedIn profile creation. A quick take on why and how you can take advantage of it.

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Google Privacy Policy (new) – Read it this time, Atleast !

The Google Privacy Policy has reignited the Internet Privacy debate. Only this time, the debate might be an informed one.

Chances are you have never ever read the privacy policy of a web service that you use. And you don’t intend reading it ever. But, if you are reading this post, chances are you have already been consumed by Google’s relentless promotional alert about its New Privacy Policy.

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Ever participated in a Twitter Chat ?

Twitter Chats

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No it is not Superman. It is a Twitter Chat. A powerful feature from Twitter that supports the utility of Web 2.0 for education and learning.

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Find your Twitter Quotient

how to find your twitter quotient

There is no denying the fact that Twitter has grown into one of the strongest social networks (not to forget that it’s one of its own kinds). There are multiple online tools available which can actually help you out in determining your twitter quotient. Here is a list of a few of those useful tools :

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