Goes beyond POC to manufacture a sales pipeline worth USD 271,642

Autonomous vehicle manufacturing | India 🇮🇳

Inbound marketing for Manufacturing

Inbound Mantra took inbound marketing into a new territory - Manufacturing, and that too successfully.
hi tech robotics
The HI-TECH Team
hi tech robotics

Hi-Tech Robotics

Hi-Tech Robotics – is an automatic guided vehicles manufacturer based in Gurgaon, India. These AGVs find application in the manufacturing, industrial and defense sectors.


Go-to-market (GTM) strategy was focused on outbound sales. Hi-Tech was keen to explore inbound marketing as another alternate GTM channel.


An Inbound Marketing POC was first executed for 3 months. Basis the success with POC, it was decided to amplify the efforts with a well-thought out inbound marketing plan.






Demonstrated inbound marketing could succeed in an unconventional sector - manufacturing.

The Growth Playbook

Relentless inbound marketing
Pillar Pages
Search Engine Optimization
Website Redesign
Landing Pages


Five value drivers of AGVs

5 AGV Value Drivers the Boss should know

automated guided vehicles in a nutshell

Automated Guided Vehicles in a Nutshell

Social Media

Forklift Operator
As a part of a prospecting campaign, this creative was aimed to exhibit the perks of Next Generation AGV Forklifts by Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd.

The design was inspired by the “Job Posting” section of a newspaper. The idea was to create a “posting” which is proficient and unparalleled in the market. It offered a demo to intrigue the interest of Factory Heads to address their warehousing requirements.
Boost Labour productivity
In this prospecting “Boost Labour Productivity” creative, we visually tried to bring out the measure of output produced by Hi-Tech Robotic’s AGVs.

The minimal creative artwork was simple and compelling which was in line with the message we tried to communicate through the creative: “Less is the new more”. AGV is truly a bliss for Factory Heads, a true energy, time and capital saver for them! “Get a Demo” was the campaign’s call-to-action.
Companies using AGVs in India
This LinkedIn sponsored campaign was executed to represent a well-constructed positioning held by Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz Ltd in the market.

The artwork illustrated the Hi-tech Robotic Systemz’s clientele of good repute who are happily reaping the benefits of their AGVs. It also aimed to compel Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz’s persona i.e., Factory Heads and Supply Chain Heads to join the league of successful clients.
Hitech Robtic social media
Why: Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz wanted to promote their “India Warehousing Show” held in New Delhi. Hence the artwork.

What: Through this campaign aimed at Supply Chain Heads and Factory Managers, Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz created a buzz about the launch of their new driverless logistics vehicle, namely, Novus Stacker, Novus Jack, and Novus Omnistore.

Website Redesign

Demo on Shop Floor

Landing pages were developed using Unbounce to promote the above offer

AGV Consultation

Offer aimed at educating the prospective audience about AGVs.


Novus Omniture at IWS

Novus Omnistore (Automated Guided Vehicle) was launched at International Warehousing Expo 2016 in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

This video shows every step of the Novus Omnistore working cycle. Novus Omnistore is an Automated Guided Vehicle which has been specially made for fast and optimised material movement in a warehouse without any need for human interference. e-Commerce sector is expected to be a heavy user.

Novus jack AGV in action

Novus Jack (Forklift) was also one of the Automated Guided Vehicle products displayed at International Warehousing Expo 2016 in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

This video shows every step of Novus Jack working cycle. Novus Jack is an Automated Guided Vehicle which has been specially made for fast and optimised material movement in various industries such as FMCG, Paper, Chemical and Automotive.