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The inbound mantra team are full of energy and ideas and have the execution muscle to turn strategy to gold. The depth of knowledge in this space coupled with the willingness to experiment and drive customer side initiatives is something that sets them apart.
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Aditya Jayaram
Marketing Manager

Mu Sigma Inc

MuSigma is the world’s largest data analytics firm, a category defining big data service provider helping enterprises in data-driven decision making.


To increase revenue using inbound marketing. Because their existing customer acquisition was completely outbound and sales driven.


A proof of concept of the inbound marketing strategy turned into an annual engagement to increase organic traffic and to help with sales qualified leads via campaigns on LinkedIn as well as drip email campaigns across the globe.








The Growth Playbook - Mu Sigma

Relentless inbound marketing
Pillar Pages
Search Engine Optimization
Prospecting emails
Landing Pages
Case Studies and eBooks
Nurturing Campaigns 

Search Engine Optimization

On Page SEO

Optimization carried out for category commercial keywords around analytics as well as industry specific keywords in retail, BFSI, CPG and Manufacturing.

Social Media

Promoting Mu Sigma “The New Art of Problem Solving” to help organizations capitalize on today’s incredible change in pace with a new decision making paradigm

This exclusive new approach to problem solving helped Mu Sigma stand apart from any other decision sciences firms in the world and therefore was used as a powerful tool to attract prospects.
eBook emphasizing the importance of organizational consciousness  to understand and eventually influence organizational culture

It’s important that every organization understands each member to ensure that change and advancements are being introduced as a culture. This eBook encourages organizations to make a change by tapping into the way each member of the team thinks.

Website Redesign

Landing Pages

Added new landing pages to provide a conversion path to existing leads. Redesigned existing landing pages to ensure best practices are being followed. 

Improving UI

Top webpages and landing pages were redesigned to improve the UI/UX , overall design as well as to increase the conversion paths.

More landing pages more conversions

Redesigned landing pages to ensure best practices are being followed and to ensure optimal conversion rate by providing the users with the optimal user experience.


Optimize number of fields per form

The number of fields on the form was reduced, leaving only the necessary fields, to help increase the number of BoFU form fills. Additionally, the form was redesigned to help increase conversions.



Conducted heat map analysis and A/B testing to figure out what CTAs work best for the audience.
Targeted Pages with highest traffic
Experimented with CTA


Compendium of eBooks across industries.

Combination of case studies about how Fortune 500 companies saw success with Mu Sigma from BFSI to Retail to CPG to help prospects across industries understand the way Mu Sigma can help. 

Nurturing Campaigns


The workflow sent out emails over several weeks  providing the leads with relevant information in the form of articles, case studies, guides and more.

To ensure that leads stay engaged during the buying cycle and are being fed with the right kind of content to convert them into a customer.